Another ascension question

Should I use the 4 magic orbs to ascend leonidas to 3rd or save them and wait on 4 more poison darts for drake fong… thinking it will take longer to get 4 more darts than 4 more orbs but not sure if leon is a good use of ascension materials

You’ll get a lot more orbs before you get 4 darts


Yeah that’s what I was thinking. Thanks

Leo was a main part of my defense team for months. He gets a bad rap sometimes, but I don’t regret using the mats to ascend him. I paired him with Perseus to easily take out healer-heavy teams.

I now have Drake who is a better fit for my team (had all single-hitters), but still miss that mana control and health of Leo. He’ll hold down the fort with his self-healing until you can get Drake ascended.

Thanks. Thats what I was mostly asking. If Leo was worth it

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