Another Ascension Question II

What heroes should I level up next? Please help me out. I can bring only red and purple 5* to 4/80. I do not have the mats for yellow. Thanks in advance!

Maybe, in this order:

Domitia or Obakan (If you don’t expect any other 5* purple)
Joon when you get yellow mats - if you get yellow mats I would put him to top of the list

Thx. I thought so, too.

I wanted to work on Grimm as well.

Domitia > Obakan

Elena isn’t my favorite red 5*, but unless you summon a lot (which doesn’t look to be the case), she’ll be a solid addition.

Grimm should be your blue project and Joon your yellow project. Melendor#2 as green after finishing LJ…more healers is good, and I’m not a fan of Skittleskull=Rasselkopp.

Thanks Kerridoc. This sounds reasonable and I will do so.

I have 2 TC20 running and that is what I got till now. I do not invest money…