Another ascension question - Costume Sartana

I am very c2p, and have maxed two costume Sartanas. Any compelling reason not to go ahead and max a third costume Sartana? Only other option is first Obakan. :sweat_smile:

I have 18 tabards and plenty of the rest needed. I’ve built Hero Academy 7, and still weeks away from building and researching HA10…

My only hesitation is mini Sartana seems sturdy enough already for wars. :thinking:

My maxed purples + mini Sartana:

I was debating a third too…

Some thoughts… would Obakan help with trials… do you have barb emblems used for anyone else atm…

I’d like a little variety but sartC sure does pack a punch in her hit.


Go ahead with the third maleficent and crush them all.

With the costume bonus is a worth hero, i mean i dont think anyone would put Obie before her. What is more you have lots of tabards . Its a non loose step to me

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I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks for sharing! :smile:
Yes, I have a maxed Azlar for Barbarian.

I hear you on wanting variety!

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I appreciate your input too!

I think I’ll wait just a little bit longer for the next Costume Chamber - just in case I’m super lucky to get Costume Dom. And once I’ve gotten my costume Bane I’ll go ahead with third Sartana. :joy:


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