Another ascension advice topic

Looking for advice from more experienced players. I have the following heroes on my team:
Kiril (fully leveled)
Caedmon (fully leveled)
Boldtusk (fully leveled)
Domitia (3/70)
Merlin (3/60)
Rigard (3/60)
Gormek (3/60)
Grimm (3/18)
The following are unleveled heroes in my possession:
Little John
Kiril (duplicate)
Merlin (duplicate)
Grimm (duplicate)

I have no Holy heroes… :frowning:
I do have the mats for a Dark ascension. Should I ascend Merlin or Rigard or level up Proteus? I feel I have healing covered with Kiril/Boldtusk but neither are a proper healer. I do like Merlin a lot, but Proteus seems to be even a little better than Merlin…(?). What would you do?

Proteus is very powerful but Rigard is indispensable, not only is he a strong sturdy healer he cleanses all debuffs. That makes it a hard choice because you have 2 healers and are lacking hitters. Between Merlin and Proteus I would choose Proteus.

On your other heroes, I would definitely give Grimm your next capes. I would also consider leveling Little John, he’s the hardest hitting 4 star and his Mana debuff is horrendous, he’s an excellent flank for Boldtusk. I went from 2k to a solid 2200 just swapping Little John in place of Skittleskull on my team. The only way I lose cups now is to set a wonky defense on purpose. After Grimm I would save up for Magni, he’s probably the best TC20 blue 5 star, very powerful.

You have a lot of great heroes.

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While I agree Rigard is indispensable and a staple 4* healer you are very healer heavy right now. With 3 maxed 4* and 2 being healers I wouldn’t bring up Rigard first.

I would go Merlin before Proteus, mainly because of where you have him at. Both are excellent choices. The order I would go is Merlin, Proteus, Rigard. But if you went Proteus, Merlin, Rigard you wouldn’t regret that either. Merlin is fantastic against Titans, events and Offence. Defence is tricky as AI doesn’t play his special well. My Proteus isn’t high enough yet for me to take him anywhere but farming so I haven’t tested him against Titans or raiding, but my fellow alliance mates have and they love him.

Then I would focus on getting your defence buffers up Grimm and Gormek

Also, I would leave your 5*'s on your bench until you have at least 2 fully maxed 4* teams(3 of each color would be better) By the time you get there you will have the materials to finish a 5*. 5* heroes take ALOT of resources that would be better spent on getting a solid bench of 4*. I followed this advice by @Kerridoc when I first started playing last year and by the time I was ready for 5* I had enough mats to ascend multiple 5*'s that were sitting in my bench.


My favorite part of Rigard is he hard counters team destroying heroes like Justice, Azlar, Little John and Isarnia. I haven’t been using him on attack teams lately and I miss him sometimes, that Super Colen Blow special used to be really non threatening with a cleanse, now I just minimize damage with the healer I brought which is entirely situational.

@TylerDirtyn little John has a high attack stat but not the highest out of the 4*, Scarlett has a 767 attack stat.

Actually, Ameonna (ghost girl) has 771 attack, so she’s the hardest hitting 4* now.