Another AMA soon?

Not one AMA in 2020, and no word on the next one.

Is silence the answer?

I guess they know what questions would be asked and they dont want to answer those. You know stuff like 3 nerfs of Telly and Vela, HA design, overpowered event heroes, that kinda stuff.

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Well, at least they have answered those questions in their respective thread… though the answers are not satisfying…

They havent answered anything, they avoided giving an actual answer by giving us a shady “explanation”. No actual answer were given they dont want to give those because they would lose a large number of players.

Well, if they avoided direct answers then, they will avoid direct answers now.

The AMAs they did in the past never turned out too great, only made players demand features that were announced perhaps too early. Don’t get me wrong, it would be great to hear directly from them about what ideas and what direction they see for this game, what are they happy about, what are they unhappy about etc. Just if I was in their shoes, I would be really hesitant - community is not necessarily in a good mood after this year, last thing they need is yet another letdown. People want premium stuff for free or cheap ; SG wants the opposite to make money - the conflict there will never be settled, no matter who says what.

What I am more looking forward to is 2021 sneak peek (are they going to work on Season 4 next year? maybe something completely different?) and the ‘player satisfaction feedback survey’ regarding changes to the game in 2020.

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Is it the players fault that they demand something that was explicitly promised by SG? Like an actual HA which is able to deal with dupes? Which was explicitly promised then they did nothing for 2 year and released it in a way that cannot do the only thing that everyone waited for.

Well no, but you can turn that around stating that it was SG fault to announce it too early or too lightly. And they decided to learn from that mistake by not doing anything similar anymore. :man_shrugging:

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Yeah it was SGs fault. They wanted the popularity by announcing something that everybody wanted then they decided they dont actually want to deliver it. Bait and switch. Thats the main problem. SGs word cannot be trusted which is a very serious issue IMO as they are making big bucks on us so they should make this right. Thats why an AMA would be in order.

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