Another AMA soon?

That is an AMA about community.

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I can confirm that we are discussing another AMA but there currently isn’t one set. So hopefully soon. But by soon, there is planning and stuff involved so not next week.

I appreciate this thread. It shows the communities desire for one.


Is this soon like Hero Academy soon…?

too soon…?


No comment.



AMA, also known as lie to the community to get their hopes up about great features then yank out the rug. No thanks.


In addition to the one @Guvnor linked (which was an official AMA), we also had this:


Touché @Guvnor, Touché!!! :joy::rofl:

P.S Too soon? I think it’s much too late!! If you’re picking up what I’m putting down? :wink:


740 posts in the Hero Academy! Can we please have more information? would concur.
In fact there’s about sixty five similar topics screaming for information…

If you’re looking for content to raise in the AMA, there’s a stack of brilliant ideas in Rigs’ If you could change 1 thing in the game… thread that could be addressed.

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Just wondering with all of the changes over the past 6 months ( especially Hero rebalancing and HA) if there is another AMA scheduled @Petri @KiraSG. Having one of these quickly can help heal some of the real or perceived wounds players are now feeling


After this last round of beta testing, i never felt so much AMA is completely useless.

Even dangerous, as it raise flags they have no intention to fulfill.

False expectation leads to this kind of reactions.


Have we been a year without game related AMA? Are the developers scared of the possible questions?

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What “AMA” does mean please? :sweat_smile:

“Ask Me Anything” :wink:
Il y a un lien de Guvnor plus haut, ainsi que de Zephyr


Thank you a lot, I didn’t know. :sweat_smile::blush:

Bumping this up because folks want to know the direction of the game and development plans.


20 prescient comments.


Not one AMA in 2020, and no word on the next one.

Is silence the answer?

I guess they know what questions would be asked and they dont want to answer those. You know stuff like 3 nerfs of Telly and Vela, HA design, overpowered event heroes, that kinda stuff.

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Well, at least they have answered those questions in their respective thread… though the answers are not satisfying…

They havent answered anything, they avoided giving an actual answer by giving us a shady “explanation”. No actual answer were given they dont want to give those because they would lose a large number of players.

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