Another alliance leaves

As predicted in last post we were well and truly anihilated. After using all our flags we were short by 1700 points and they still had 12 flags to use. For this and several other reasons we have decided to leave this game and try something a little less annoying. I know we will not be missed especially small giant.

I wish you success in your future gaming endeavours. Its always sad when people leave given the circumstances you’ve described.

Take care.


Sorry to hear about your experience. :frowning_face:

I do understand and can relate, some of the war matchups are ridiculous!

Fortunately, this time we actually have a fairly even opponent that only slightly overpowers us. So it should be a fun and competitive war - even if we do lose, it will probably be because the opponent tried just as hard and either got luckier or used better strategies, and I’m okay with that. :+1:

Versus wars where we just got completely steamrolled with zero chance of winning… it’s a refreshing change.

Of course, now I’ve probably just jinxed us, and we’ll get steamrolled in the next one… but I really like my team, and that’s the main (actually the only) reason I still play.

we just got steam rolled for the 2nd time in a row, over 3/4 of their alliance been there less than 1 month, over 3/4 of those under 1 week, over 3/4 of those 2 days


About 2 months ago, I faced the same situation that I had to use 5 flags to finish a team of 54 points.
I ended up at the bottom of the table at about 100 points. I understand your frustration. I was there too.

I said goodbye to my friends, left the alliance even before the war finish, and spent 1 whole month in an academy alliance in our network. It helped healing a lot to be away from intense and competitive war where GTV is reigning almost every single war defense team. Coaching is a fun task too.

Now I am back to my alliance again fresh and let the past go.
Remember… WAR CHEST IS SUCK anyway… don’t be too serious


Take each gaming day as it comes and leave the rest to worry for itself. After all, game is supposed to be enjoyed. Losing is no fun. But we are free to choose which game offer most satisfaction / bang for bucks.

Sometimes, that info can be unreliable , as some leave temporarily then return after a while…done that a couple of times, visited some friends and then return…the counter would show joined a few days…

On the topic, sad to see that some would take it so hard to leave after some losses, may not be easy to take this game and other games as “win/lose”.