Another advice needed who to work on next?

Currently my base team is as follows

Rigard - Caedmon - Chao - Marjana - Grimm

Other fully levelled Hero’s:

Purple : Gafar
Yellow : Wu Kong
Red : Boldtusk , Kelile, Gormek
Green : Melendor
Blue : Sonya

Kiril at 3/60 and Magni at 3/70 (need one more scope and one cape and blue rare quest will be next week)
Also a 3/70 Quintus which is great for farming but that’s about it

Today I pulled Falcon, Sabina, Vivica and Gregorion

So should I level Vivica or maybe wait for Joon? I have no other 5* Yellow and I have all the required darts and orbs
I could also work on Gregorion but I need one more tonic for full ascension (could take a long time to get one since green rare quest was this week)

Titans is my priority , raid offense second, Defense would be nice but has lower priority for me

I have Viv at 3/70, 7 orbs and 5 darts but I’m going to wait for Joon I guess.
She’s good enough at that stage.
Joon is so much better on titan that its a no brainer for me.

I would put Wu on your base team as he will increase your titan score dramatically. I have recently added him and there is a huge difference.

Regarding the 5* yellow I only have Joon and he is great all over.

For raiding what tier are you? My offense team the I use most is Joon (going to 80), and maxed Rigard Wu Grimm Caedmon. I am comfortably sitting in Platinum but haven’t gotten into diamond yet. So maybe I need to rethink something but am happy with my teams results thus far.

For Defense I use Joon (going to 80) Rigard Caedmon Isarnia (3/70) Boldtusk. This has given mixed results. For your defense I would use your main team and probably sub bold for Grimm. Grimm is a bit fragile.

So I have some work to do to figure out where I am going.

Hopefully some pulls help.

Out of what you pulled I have Falcon going to 70 and Sabina not touched. I would start working on both Vivica and Gregorian. Get them to 60 and assess where you are at but both should go to 70 over most. They are very useful. Falcon is very useful but I don’t use red a lot. He is my go to if I need a red for titans but other then that he is wars and farming. But I would level him.

I hope that makes sense.

With raiding Im in platinum. Usually between 2100-2300 cups.

I have 16 orbs and 7 darts 10 shields and 5 tonics. So I could get both viv and greg to 3/70 to start with.
Viv seems like a good healer but I wonder if she is that useful with slow mana.

But why is Falcon so good? Average mana and a very low attack stat. And unlike grimm and boldtusk he only lowers fire defense.

to be honest I wonder the same about Falcon but I have been told he is good. I haven’t tested him anywhere trying yet but may when he hits 70 soon.

You are in the same raiding area I am in consistently.

I would say get those 2 going for sure. Then pick one of each other color and take them to 60 and decide from there. I found leveling one of each color at a time is the way to go. I spent 2 months leveling everything and went nowhere. Glad I got some advice and it has really paid off.

Falcon is a star when you stack him with at least one other good red. Alone he’s decent but doesn’t shine the way Jackal does solo.

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who would you stack him with? Just curious.

Usually I use him on titans, so it’s with Boldtusk, Gormek and Natalya, who has my highest tile damage in red at present.
When I do raid using him, I generally stack him with Marjana. Haven’t gotten Gravemaker to the point I’d like to test him as a partner in a serious raid yet.

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Thanks for the info.

I have the first 3 (not all leveled) that I can try him out with eventually.

I wasn’t lucky enough to get gravemaker unfortunately.

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