Another 31 member team

We are facing a crew that obviously knows it’s abusing this glitch. 31 members and they all have co rank.

Why is this even allowed. Should be a auto forfeit. The rest of us have to play by the rules.
Not sure what other info you need, but I will be happy to provide. Cause this is not fair.


What advantage has co-leader given the opponents alliance members

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i am saying they ranked all the accounts, so they must have seen they were over.

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I have seen this many times before in alliances where the leader has made all members ‘Elders’ after ‘X’ days membership. Or made elders Co-leaders after ‘X’ days membership.
I suppose it’s their alliance and some will see it as a reward for remaining in an alliance

I think you’re missing the point. The OP is posting a screenshot of a war with 31 teams on the board when there should be a max of 30.


This is for sure a Bug… it was reported before a few times…


Submit a ticket… but about the current war i’m not sure if staff can do anything! @KiraSG @Petri


I don’t think they will do anything about it. As you say, this bug was previously reported a couple of times. If they wanted to to anything they would already search for alliances with more than 30 members and fix that.

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Got it. Sorry I missed the 31 teams. Thought it was about them all being made co-leader. I really do need to put my glasses on when doing this lol

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