Another £200 spent for HOTM

No HOTM again this month… and all heroes I don’t need. When are you going to listen and get HOTM in troop pulls?
You have my word when I say I am not spending one more cent on this game!


That sounds like me after Christmas, when i say that i go on a diet and do jogging, but i find myself regulary swimming in pizza.


I’d love that. I’m at the point where I want to just pull troops for a while too.

Good luck on your pulls. Wish me luck on mine. :wink:


May the force be with you on our pulls !


After almost a year playing and many, many tries to get HoTM I’m starting to think that it’s impossible and every time someone is showing that has one in a team it’s some kind of reptilian mistification :smile:

FULLY AGREE! Tried by myself around 6-7 10x pulls + zillions of gold hero tokens and never seen even a single HOM. Fu****g reptiles

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It’s been since January for me. Natalya, my only HOTM or I wouldn’t believe in them either. Over 180 summons in the last 4 months and no HOTM. I know complaining doesn’t help the situation but I’m here to console. While we watch everyone else play with their new toys, just know that you aren’t alone.

The worst part is my desire for this newest hero is greater than my desire to keep the money.

Lol, my last HotM is Athena.
I don’t count Perseus because i was not actually trying to have him.

Just a collateral damage :smirk:

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I was ready to spend the money because I was in need a ice 5* hero. I just got Isarnia two weeks ago as my first, I got Thorn last week in an attempt to get Magni and now I pulled Alasie. I did buy 2 10x elementals and managed to get a duplicate Elk and finally got Horghall which make up my only 2 5* nature heroes. I used the one epic hero token I had and thats how I got Alasie.

Just started the game for like 3weeks and I received 2 aerons… oh and he is my only 5*

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I’m ready to spend the money! My empty wallet prevents me.

I sense a Reptilian Conspiracy! :grin:

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Join 7DD. Sorry, Rook, a repitilian response.

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You slay me Bud! :grin:

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