Anonymous Nerfing Preferred?

I think I just realized why the devs dont like players posting pictures and stats of heroes in beta testing…

I think it’s because of the complaints that start once we the NON-BETA TESTERS find out how strong/good the hero was before the nerf and release.

Soooooooo…will Mitsuko be nerfed like they did Aegir???..I would name other upcoming heroes but she is THE ONE that rivals Guin…and WE all know what happens to heroes that rival Guin…

Bwahahahahahaaaa!..we shall see

The point of beta testing is to see how things work out, and change them if necessary before they go live. Complaining about balancing fixes that happen during the testing phase is stupid, but a regular occurrence. Can’t say as I blame them for wanting to reduce that.


Mitsuko a tank? I dont think so, her ability is a little Bit like hel s ability. When i have a guinevere i would never put hel or mitsuko as tank :wink:

You can have transparency, or you can look like you are hiding things from all but a select few.

I know this is not what is intended, but many do not agree. If sG is going to ignore the complaints anyway, why not admit to what they have done after beta-testing rather than players “finding out”?

The whole point is that the beta testing phase is supposed to work any problems out before they go live to the regular players. In beta, my understanding is that things, new mechanics and heroes alike, are being tested to see what any problems are, whether they work as intended, whether there are bugs or unexpected side effects, or whether they are too strong or too weak.
In short, complaining about differences between a leaked testing version and the final product is missing the point of doing any testing in the first place.
Now complaining about whether a given hero, like say Aegir, is weak or not based on their release version is fair and reasonable if it can be backed up logically, but complaining that that hero was unjustly nerfed because he doesn’t match the unfinished testing version, which was released against some form of non-disclosure agreement, is not.

Edit: changes to post-release heroes seem to be earmarked in release notes.But there’s no reason for them to discuss changes made before the hero is even considered ready to release.