Annoying wrong attack team bug

Lately I’ve been experiencing an annoying problem. From time to time, I find myself raiding or farming with my defense team, out of the blue. As I always farm with a dedicated team and just the same, always raid with a dedicated team, I never check on them before I hit the attack button. I only realize something is off, when tiles don’t cause the expected amount of damage. This never happened before a few days ago. If for farming this is not a problem, for raiding this unexpected attack team swap might very well cost me the fight… Did anyone else experience the same problem?

I have this same problem. It’s really annoying! My grinding team has switched to my raid attacking team many times this week.


Thanks @LuluA85, at least now I know I’m not the only one! Anyone else?

what i have noticed is that after doing classes trials the next time you do anything it picks team #1


I think you nailed it. That was exactly when I had the issue this morning.


Agree, might be connected. I’ll check this out next time. Staff might look into it, also if they find the time…

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I still have this issue, even that I cleared trials this morning. Everytime I log in again, my team has switched to my raid team. I hate that. I don’t know, could that issue be linked to switching hero order from color etc. to class. That is what I have done several times to day.

No… it’s not related. No class quest today and it just happened again. I found my self raiding with my defense team. Almost costed me the fight. It was a lucky last moment win, but might have been a costly defeat against a team that wouldnt have stood a chance against my usual raid team with the board I was given.

So, @Kerridoc, @Petri, @Sara, could you look into it, see why it happens?

I played Shiloh on autorun while I was working with my yellow stack raid team when I usually use my rainbow team to do so.

Only realised that it took longer than expected when it was fighting the last level. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dont remember if raid team = team for farming (I usually autorun so much I dont really notice)


I think it jumps to whatever team you have in the first team slot from time to time, sometimes when you log in, sometimes in the middle of gameplay… Seems a pretty random bug, no idea what triggers it, couldn’t find a pattern so far, but it definitely isn’t related to the class quests as @Kor1sco suspected…

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I’m just a moderator, not staff.

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I can verify that something odd is going on here. I’ve been playing for 18 months on two tablets and whenever I hit the edit team button, I’m always put on my first team ( as I’ve come to expect).

Just very recently when I hit the edit button, I’m now put on my ninth team on just ONE of my tablets.

I like to keep my strongest team in the first slot and I use the 9th slot for my raid-stacking team. If I’m not very careful, I end up using my raid stacking team (and whatever stack I last used) when I start doing missions, quests etc - thinking it’s my first and strongest team.

I’m now just keeping my first and ninth teams identical which defeats the purpose of having spent gems to get that ninth team.

Considering my other tablet is functioning as usual, there does seem to be a bug of some kind.

Why so many teams? I only keep 7. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a neat freak!

I like to pre-set my six war teams using heroes who play nice together and two healers.

I keep a separate titan team, a cup dropping team and one for raids that I can stack and leave it till the next time.

I’m just too lazy to constantly be switching my heroes back and forth and with two games, I’m wasting enough time already!

I was excited to get more slots (considered it was the best thing I’ve spent my gems on), so I’m really hoping it goes back to normal.

I can also confirm that this is a separate issue than the re-set caused by the class quest as noted in your release notes.

Both my tablets are using the latest update and it’s still only happening on one of them.

EDIT: I just checked again and when I go to raid my first team shows up and when I go to do a mission, my ninth team shows up. When I hit the Edit Team button, my ninth team shows up instead of my first team, as usual.

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It’s slot one for me. That used to be my defense. I switched my strongest attack team to that slot to minimize the negative effects…

Are the tablets on the same operating system? Any other difference between them?

Different OP S but both newer tablets.

I know there are bigger issues in the game so the heading “annoying” is appropriate.

It’s just frustrating because I love having that organizing ability and it’s not available … and it cost me quite a few gems for that 9th team slots!

EDIT: I just checked and it’s the newest of the two tablets, so a newer OPS but I can’t see how that would be an issue anyway?

I submitted a ticket to support. Every time I hit the Edit Team button and get that 9th slot it reminds me of the gems I spent for a now useless extra slot.

If it can’t be fixed, I’m asking for the return of the gems. I’ll still be annoyed to not have that extra slot, but at least I wouldn’t have used gems to get it.

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Very good! Hope you’ll get them back if they can’t fix the problem.

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