Annoying War Tactic - Thoughts?

**NOTE-- I intentionally avoided naming nationalities to avoid offense, but have noticed a significant trend over several months. Please do not name nationalities.

[Nationality Redacted] appear to all use the same ‘sandbagging’ tactic in war.
For the most part, it appears effective. But I wanted to vent because it is annoying and I cannot figure out why it annoys me.

Tactic 1- NO hits until last 2 hours, then all team members come on and kill kill kill

Tactic 2- pluck off 2-3 weakest ones a couple times, then all team members come on and kill kill kill in the last hour.

Is anyone else noticing this? Helios is not hyper-competitive and is kind of casual for a decently-high alliance, so we allow for life/work and don’t coordinate on that level… but it seems that we are paired up against the [nationality redacted] quite frequently and they all seem to use this tactic. I feel like we win 50% of those wars, whereas we win 70-80% of our other wars.

The reason I point to a particular, unnamed nationality is because (with only 1, maybe two exceptions) they all seem to use this same tactic.


  1. Why do you think sandbagging bothers me?
    1a) Does it bother you?
    1b) Have you noticed any similar trends?

  2. Is it really the best tactic?
    2a) If no, what is “THE” best tactic?

Any other tactical discussions are welcome.


87% US alliance here. We do similar.


Take a look at this well tested and effective strategy:


Sounds like an effective tactic to me. :thinking:


These are excellent and effective strategies for War.

If they are common amongst alliances of a particular nationality (please continue not naming any nationalities), then that potentially indicates two things:

  • The players may have an easier time zone coordination for such tactics

  • People in those countries are good at coordinating strategy (postive stereotype)


#1 probably bothers you because it leaves so much uncertainty about the war outcome until the very end. It’s hard to know how well your score will hold up when you have no data on the other alliance’s performance.

It also suckers casual alliances into not using all their flags.

#2 is the best strategy out there if you aren’t an alliance that can drive for 5 board resets.


What I think baffles me is… who sent out a national memo?

and… regardless of nationality… why does the tactic annoy me? is it because I (myself) prefer a more run & gun approach?

I agree, it’s an effective, solid war strategy. Very few alliances can pull it off successfully.

We’ve won and lost against this straegy in equal measure. Our alliance use our own strategies and one of them is to gain the greatest point spread possible, hopefully to annoy them, too.

I don’t feel this is an actual issue or needs to be addressed.


Yup. Very coordinated.
Nothing wrong with that.

I do understand the frustration. Back in the old alliance we were at we had somebody execute teh last two hour tactic… We were celebrating the win!!! Than the swarm us… We cried. :frowning: LOL

AT any rate. We love competitive wars and learning from our mistakes! So we are game!


That’s probably the case, and one I’d considered. It does have me watching the scoreboard a bit more when I’m up against them.


I think it’s annoying because it IS effective, at least half of the time.

We have a tactic, but it is not set in stone, as we need to be fluid and adjust according to the strength and team rosters of the opponents.

Also being a global group, and with members with jobs and other obligations that make them only available at certain times, it can be more challenging to coordinate attacks than it would be if everyone was in the same or similar time zones.


I agree that it’s not an actual issue or needs to be addressed in any measurable way, but it felt valid enough for discussion because I couldn’t be the only one to have seen this tactic, primarily weighted to one particular nationality.

Well, those tactics are well documented on the Forum, so it was a more global memo. :slight_smile:

But I think alliances with effective communication and limited time zone spread have some advantages for those tactics. Those could be more common in an alliance oriented around members in a single country.

That’d be my guess.

When you’re taking a casual approach, and your enemy is taking a highly strategic approach, some fun is lost.


I just have this picture in my mind:

1 human being, with 30 phones and nothing better to do with their time.


Off Topic:

On Topic:

This is a good observation, and likely another reason it feels more frustrating.


I always picture an army barracks, with everyone relaxing at the same time and coordinating their attacks.


the #1 most effective way to lose: Alliance members do not show up & use all of their flags effectively

#2 --> “Kill focused” rather than “team focused”


I have seen that strategy from 2 alliances of different nationality. Our alliance manage to pull that strategy in our last victory.

Oh, and our last opponent use that strategy and successfuly reset our base twice :sob:

I don’t know about national memo, but if they are not english speaking country, they can legaly had it in foreign language section in the forum.

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Because you lost? :wink:


Nah, like I said… we win 50% of them, maybe more. It’s an annoying tactic no matter what result.

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