Announcing the Vulnerability Bug Bounty Program

No sé si será un problema o un error, pero cuando estás en pleno ataque y pierdes la señal de comunicación (wifi) el juego te saca, entiendo que el juego es en línea, pero el sistema debería entender que no se completó el ataque y debería devolver lo perdido, tanto los pros. de vida y los objetos de batalla utilizados


My version is up to date, and you sent out the notice that the new version is live. I’m in version 31.0.2 but I still have no goblin balloon present. There is also not any other additional update available in the App Store.

I was attacked 4 times in the raid arena.

Trying to figue out how to report this

You sound like one of those who exploit the game.

I think you should add a way for players to report those that clearly is cheating so you can make it easier to find those that do.

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Probably Boril costume that has all allies counter attack - albeit at a lower damage than when just nearby heroes.

I have reported bugs like “Missing Loot” through the Support function.

Should I now do this through the new third party app ?

Should I expect a better response than…“Everything is working as intended”

I have reported bugs like “Missing Loot” through the Support function.

Should I now do this through the new third party app ?

You absolutely should keep using the Support function.

You should use the Vulnerability Bug Bounty program only if both of these apply:

  1. You are reporting a serious vulnerability in the server-side validation logic or our infrastructure
  2. You can provide the exact steps to reproduce the vulnerability

For anything else, please contact Support just as before.


How do you identify one that is “clearly cheating”? I’ve been playing for hours a day every day for the last two years and never bumped into one that is “clearly cheating”.

This! You cought me! Damn! I have to admit I’m exploiting the game, I’ve been playing for free for two years! Take me to jail!

the thing is that Boril in costume ones goes off gives contra attack . to all if his allies bu the return hit is weekends by alot. so this is not a bug

What is the difference between Bug and Vulnerability?

Unsure if this is a bug, but today I paid for GEMS in the STORE, everything went as it should until the screen comes up to claim the gems. It never did. So I paid for gems i have not got.

What the ■■■■ had happened in the past month or so? I’ve played for almost two years and have built quite a group of heroes. All of if a sudden, my 5-star (classic heroes) don’t stand a chance a gain at the new 4-star heroes. I’ve become some disenfranchised by the latest updates I’m about sone with the game. It seems that everything I’ve built in the last two years counts for naught.

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