Announcing equator alliances

Come on over and check us out. You will not be sorry. A great place to grow, have fun and best titans.

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If you havent checked with us ,you are missing out

Come on in before the war starts

Check us out after the war, we do an in line interview to assure we would be a good fit for you.

Best clan in the land. Come check us out!

Need help,who to level next, which hero to give those emblems to, finishing a special event, best defence team. We can help and you dont even have to join our alliance. Just join our knowledge seekers channel. We can answer those tough questions.

Come in and find out what’s been missing in your game

Come on over and start the new year off right!
Kill titans and wage war in 2020 with some of the best folks in E & P.

Looking for a new home after the war, come check us out

Better hurry, another war will be starting soon

A member of Equator Alliances, come chat with us at Welcoming community with different play levels

We are hitting 12 star titans, 100% use of war flags, come join us in the fight.

Another war is ending, come check us out before the next one

Only 2 spots left in the East of the equator

Come on over and check out a great group of players. We have spots open in our alliances for players of all skill levels.

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