Announcements section poll

Just curious about how many people check announcements section in support center, not in news section of the forum.

  • I check announcements section often
  • I check announcements section sometimes
  • I check announcements section rarely
  • I never check announcements section
  • What is “announcements section”?

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Someone posted a way to track the announcement section automatically… I think it was @Garanwyn so i never look for it, just wait for the notification… :slight_smile: But i always read it!

Do that notification appears when announcements post edited?

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I’m not sure… Has the last one been changed? If so, then no… Just got one notification for the posting…

Post about server crash was edited yesterday, found it accidentally

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Haven’t seen that one… No the answer is no…

Btw I just understand that there are two announcements sections here. One in news thread. One in support center. So little edited my post. Because interested in announcement section in support center, not in news&updates thread.

I’m honestly not being funny… Where is the support section?

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When you in a game then:
Options>>support>> announcements


Thank you :slight_smile: I was looking on the forum :confounded:


Yep. It’s not on the forum, little different platform.

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It was Gryphonknight, who is an excellent source of forum advice :slight_smile:

[Subscribe] Subscribing to the #news-announcements section


I was going to say, I’m subscribed to #news-announcements, thanks to @Gryphonknight’s recommendation.


I only look at it reactively, like when there’s been a game issue that I’m looking for an update on. For the most part, I only look at the forum.


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