Anniversary Presents from E&P to its loyal players

Hey guys, this is my first OP in this forum, and I want to start saying that I love the game, the community and the social component, this one being the first time I actually spend anything in a cell phone/tablet game, and also play it longer than a month or so.

That being said, I move to the point of my post/suggestion:

How about SGG giving away a HOTM every time a player makes one year of playing?

That would be an excellent reward for loyalty, and it can be selected totally randomly.

It will also help keeping some long time players that have never received a HOTM from further frustration, and estimulate them to keep playing to level them up.

Clarifying: I’m not even close to complaining about my luck in the pulls, I do have some HOTMs and even recently got a S2 Featured hero (that awesome purple, unstoppable Samurai).

Just a thought.

What do you guys think?

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