Anne vs Jove. Who is more overpower ? 🤣

No, I don’t have any of them but I want to know who is more powerful/overpower :sweat_smile:.

Who is more powerful by overall ?
  • Anne
  • Jove

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I do wonder too, who deals more dmg ? :slight_smile:

Jove is clear cut winner in general (but under perfect conditions = all heroes over 50% hp)

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It was a bad board, but the damage he did with M&M’s buff was nuclear. I have recovered from Anne with ease a lot of times. But this guy is something else.

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Having read their specials, they both qualify as rerolls for me :rofl:


In fact, Anne do a bit more damage than Jove if all heroes >50% hp.

  • Anne do 550%+440%+330%+220%+110% = 1650% if all heroes >50% hp.
  • Jove do 530%+265%+265%+265%+265% = 1590%

But Jove’s ailment is much stronger than Anne’s ailment. It look like Jove is the winner :smile:.

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Yeah, except that Jove doesn’t do minor damage to nearby but to ALL! So if you Update your calculations, they do pretty much the same total amount of damage if Anne has perfect conditions for maximizing her damage output :slight_smile:

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Oh sorry, misread that. Fix the calculation :sweat_smile:.

It’s not just the percentage but the percentage of what?

Anne @ 4/80 Attack 819 * 1650% =13513.5
Jove @ 4/80 Attack 842 *1590% = 13387.8

Not much to choose from, although actual damage depends on defence stat of opponents. Anne’s last hit at 110% will be reduced much more than Jove’s last attack at 265% by opponent defence.

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