Anime Nere Top 30 Alliance Looking for 1 player 2400 +

Hi, my name is Imperivm and i m an elder of Anime Nere.

if you are a top player and you want an active alliance we are exactly those suitable for you!!!


• Your personal LIFE comes first. We understand that.

• We are GLOBAL - no specific GMT needed.

• We kill 12* titans regularly

• We have a Line channel where you will be added to the arrival



• Read our leader’s specific coloured infos.

• Hit TITAN as much as you can (we all need your attacks) – Damage min 100k

• War is a must, follow the instructions that will be given directly by the leaders

PLANS for the future:

• Grow Up together

• Enter in top 10 of Alliance ranking

If you have questions, please feel free to ask



I’m interested in joining. 14 maxed heroes, 10 of which are HOTM, over 2600 cups, around 4150 power.

I have zero experienxe with Line ( just installed). I need 24 hours to leave my current alliance, which I have been with for 1.5 years.

I will post here when I am ready. I just announced to my current alliance (Texas Rangers).

Go ahead and in vite me.