Animation Time


So i recently obtainee the red hood, it was all alright. Until I vsed the titan. When I used her ability it took long and it was frustrating, since there is a countdown, I was tempted to leave the game. Also, the particles from the heal blocked my screen making it difficult to process my next move. Hope you remove the particles or make them less visible. Plus, could u speed up the animation time of the ability of Red Hood. Thanks


This is also an issue with other heroes like Marjana and Morgan Le Fay. It is sometimes difficult to see the tiles under the animation and therefore fire your next shot as the special executes.


I completely agree. The animations of heros 5 stars cover too much the puzzle and waste time for the titan. However, the animations are beautiful. Maybe reduce the animations above the hero to see the puzzle and make them faster.


Aeron has the same problem. His animation completely blocks the tiles for a couple seconds, which doesn’t sound like much until you’re on a clock and it’s the difference between setting off one more cascade and missing it. At least limit the animation to the battlefield and keep it off the tiles, please!


i would recommend to make an option to enable/disable animations as per different action titan/raid/war/quest/challenge


yeh ill like that option since its more convient for me


Please make an option to disable animation like you did with a sound.
Im not about few seconds on titans that I mostly agree with
but eye care, as by repeating levels when farming same graphics makes so stressfull for eyes.


3* Hisan suffers the same. It takes forever until he fires that fire ring.



same with wilbur and proteus