Animation during gameplay


It would be awesome if we could have the option of turning animations on/off. As much as I like watching myself get destroyed by strong players, I like quick deaths (although I do often commit seppaku by hitting the flee button like a chicken … Bok bok bok)

PS. Sorry if this is a repeated topic. I can go back to my corner if is.


Decided to drop my thoughts here as I agree with @DarthSideOfMoon’s suggestion. I only have an issue with all the animations on Titan battles and only because this is timed. Love them otherwise. My issue is with all the controls to your hero’s being turned on/off to allow for animations to run then when you think it’s finished you hit the special (thought you hit the special because you clicked it) but another turn or two you look down and notice it never fired. So then you start getting in the habit of clicking it several-5-10 times just to make sure it fires which is distracting to your board management. I know I’ve seen a few of the video’s from 7DD showing them hitting the special multiple times to make sure it fires. Can anything be done to more clearly show when you are open for business (can fire your specials) or a way to turn animations on/off as needed?


Yes, it would be a nice benefit to turn off animations during Titan battles. The lost battle time can be rather costly!