Angry angry angry

I bought 3 red bottles to do the business and I literally thrown in the toilet … I lost a refill from 13 then another from 13 and another from 13 and then one from 15 and another from 15 … the server continues to jump, I wrote to the support and they asked me the time … I sent time and even screen when I fell … now if SG knows the problems of the server is useless to ask for tests and times, I play there I’m not mark me every thing … I want 2 bottles thanks!

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Seriously, we have 12 days to finish it and i see many already having avatars and buying flask to speed up the process.

Just… Why?

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I’m not complaining about it. Hurry or else … I complain because I threw 70 refills because the sever jumps … And 2 attacks to the titan …

Is it possible (I don’t know) that you are having connection issues on your end? I know there is an FAQ about connectivity. Might that help?

@Rook must have a ton of bookmarks. You’re always on top of everything!

It’s all an illusion… :grin:


Rock thanks but I play from 27 August and I have never had any problems. the network is stable … you will have noticed too that for a while the alliance chat is reset every 10 minutes, the connection falls every 10 minutes …, it’s not just my post, if we then pretend nothing is right, I threw 70 charges to bless today for the problems of the game, Petri is aware now I want to see if after spending 1 eye of the head make lice for 2 bottles!

If you are discussing with Petri, I’d continue there. Please let us (here on the Forum) know when it gets sorted. :slight_smile: