Angel army top 100 alliance

Angel army is recruiting

  1. fight titans
  2. 1000+ trophies
  3. communicate and have fun
  4. top 100 alliance
  5. we have line app
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We are recruiting

  1. must fight titan
  2. must have 1200+trophies
  3. english speaking
  4. we need 3 more active members
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Come play with the friendliest Kanda in the game :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Ty copper…really cool of u to say

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Angel Army recruiting for 3 members
We are active
We are eager to help each other and support each other
You want fun join us today.

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I am interested in joining. My team power is 3100, but I am purposely keeping my trophy around 1200 to farm. I am active in titan. Could I join?

Yes please join us trophies 1000 now

Yes you can join us… just search for angel army request to join… and we will open the door

We need 3 active members join today. And join the fun…

Need 2 active people to join
1000 trophies or more
Look us up …
Angel Army