Android touches not registering at bottom of screen

The buttons at bottom of the screen (e.g. Fight/reroll/auto-play/level/edit-team) can’t be tapped, I can get them to work only just by tapping slightly above the button. I think it’s the entire section at the bottom of the screen where the buttons are that isn’t registering taps/touches but can’t be sure (e.g. Tapping on the lower half of the menu icons in home/map/quest screens doesn’t seem to register).

I can reproduce this when I change navigation button bar to the (relatively new) navigation bar swipe gesture controls. It doesn’t happen for me if I change back to the (default) 3-button bar. It might also be related to screen size changes, popup view or split screen view that I regularly have e&p open in.

Samsung Galaxy s20+
Android version 11
Not sure what else you need.

When did you upgrade to Android 11? Was this happening before?

I don’t have Samsung, but began noticing that system upgrades were interfering with several in game functions I use. (Including banner updates.)

Wondering what kind of a response you’ll get. Good luck! I’m going to be watching with interest.

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It did only just start happening recently, a few days ago, might have coincided with updating android system, not 100% sure. I also dropped my phone about the same time, I thought it was that but it seems to only be e&p , other apps are fine.

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