Android: Touch screen issues all around the edges

Cant hit the “?” During raid to see troops. Problems typing in chat, with all buttouns in the edges. “A”, shift, back/erase, etc…

Its only in the game. I can perfectly type here and I have tried to reboot my phone. I noticed this before the Halloween update.

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I would Recommend you to check RAM usage & sync settings of your device.

same here: [Touch screen issues all around the edges] (samsung galaxy s8)

Try to Enable / Disable Edge Panel

Edges may be overlayed by “Experience” (Samsung UI)

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thx for tip Victor_G
I try to Enable / Disable Edge Panel but no change :frowning:
edge letters “q” and “p” are seldom responding

Try to reduce your resolution…There are lot of thing to blame with that UI

resolution already lowest

Default one ??? 1440 x 2960???

1480x720 lowest …

try to play with that setting,it might cause some in game issues.

no issues in other games, word, browser only in this game

Are you using a themed keyboard & languages?

default keyboard & language

OK search in your device for the Android app called Boost+ (green icon with yellow lightening spark). Do the recommnded cleanup and optimization. Under manage the Apps, see if there are hidden apps which you think you have uninstalled but still listed … and remove them.

I hope this will solve your issues.

I activated gamemode and stopped powersaving solved the issue

do the same thing, better but not perfect
the most annoying thing is: I can’t hit the “?” to see troops on right edge

Theres no issues for me in this manner after i did that. Galaxy s9+

“game tools”: disable “edge touch lock” solved the issue

It seems like a partial screen unresponsive issue. You can fix touch screen not working on Android by following these methods:

  • Remove screen protection glass and then try.

  • Restart your phone

  • Start your phone in safe mode

  • Diagnose and fix the problem with a third-party tool - Display Tester

  • Factory reset your phone