Android phone is dead, iPhone on the way, can I transfer data without the old phone?

Hi guys, my Android phone died so I ordered an iPhone, but can I get my game progress transferred without the old phone?

Had the oppersite but was Albe to get the game back.
You will need to start a new game on yah iPhone, once done that. Aslong as you got your #123abc from your old account and a proof of perches the earlier the better. Send a support ticket to sgg the form is pretty self explained. They will contact you asking for a direct swap just say yes.
Had mine done in 24 hours.
Good luck.


That’s gonna be the issue I think…

The phone died and I hadn’t made a note of it, it won’t turn on so I’ve no way of finding it either. I’ve had a look on my GooglePlay account, but I think the #123abc is unique to E&P side

You could get it back via the proof of perches I’m not totally sure. But that is one main point of getting a account back.
The form you fill out has stuff like user name and alliance name, position in alliance, player level etc.
It be easier and faster for them to track if your still in a alliance I guess. So it could be a case of may take a bit longer and sending a few emails back and forth.

Also if you was connected with Facebook or Google play that could work aswell as you start a new account.

This prob most helpful thread I found.

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Not sure if this has been stated yet…

You could potentially download the game and log into your Google account on a friends phone. Then open the game… or on any android tablet. I did this. Then when into the settings on game and did the switch to the iPhone.

Or connecting any old android phone to WiFi. Just need to use some kind of android software to log into game with your Google play account logged in. I used a Amazon tablet I just had to download Google play first.


You can ask for one of your friends to lend their android so you can log gnto your google play account, launch the app on their device and your details should be all their with your account. Changing player ID is not complex…

Install Bluestacks or any android emulator. Log into your account, grab the code you generate in settings, and apply it to the new device.


Thank you guys, especially you @Atmosfear I’d never heard of Bluestacks and it worked an absolute treat, much appreciated :+1: job done!


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