Android - game crashed during raid, battle lost, killed hero count not updated

Hi there!

I’m using Android device and today the game crashed for some reason.
It was first time so I suppose nothing to worry about.

What worries me is that it happened during ride battle.
No important if I was going to loose or win, but I would like to address the point that killed hero count was not updated.
This is important due to 40 heroes challenge and I have to wait 1 hour and ended up with 39/40 :slight_smile:
Meaning that I loose the overall time.

Can you please have that fixed?

I’m using Xiaomi Redmi 3S and have the most recent Android.

Yet, I have clearly stated - this was one-time.
The issue I see here is that heroes killed during interrupted battle were not count.
I believe this has something to do with the game engine.

When the game has crashed on me (during Titan battle, during map battle, etc.), the system acts like my Battle didn’t take place. :confused:

But did you get energy spent back?
I would be OK if that happens.
Unfortunately it didn’t :slight_smile:

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I’m 1-1 on each side (once the Titan point showed up, yay!, once it didn’t))

Naturally, I’d like to get my energy back if the Titan hit doesn’t register.

I understand that it is annoying, but I think you should not get your energy back. In case of a crash, yes ofcourse, but it could be exploited, bad titan board, disconnect and get a do-over?
Would be nice if it did count your killed heroes though or on a titan fight the points you scored so far. Happened a few times in our alliance too for some people and the 0 scores are annoying on a tough titan.

I agree that local refresh could lead to some exploits.
Yet I would like to have the DMG/kills counted live during the match.
That could be solution for this topic :slight_smile:

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