And what about linking AW and team ranking now?

Well done E&P for AW
The matchmaking seems much more balanced with v1.12

Anyway, you did not succeed to put a bit of challenge in the top. Same teams are always at the same ranking.

So i would suggest this :
Now that there is no more cheating strategy in AW and this is not only depending of the power of each heros but how you use it, the strategy you have, the team spirit and of course the luck, it would be logical to reward the winner with points in the alliance ranking

These points should be linked to the difference in the score of matchmaking and the difference of final score of AW.

To beat someone weaker than you should worth nothing. You stay where you are : the best. No need to increase the difference in points

But if you beat someone better than you in the matchmaking score, than this difference could be multiplied somehow by the difference in the final score of AW.

That way, the weakest teams will be encouraged to beat better teams of quite same level (due the new matchmaking method) and the best teams will be also challenged to stay the best teams.

So, ready to challenge the top ?