... and then this happened





I hope you’ll feed Malosi to aife since you know SGG is trying to buy your silence with this HotM and I know your principles are important

Congrats Dude


whohoo! for us FTPers, any HOTM is reason to celebrate! congrats!!


My principles are very important.

But they know full well, Malosi is just a down payment. My silence ain’t cheap.


Thank you, thank you! :grin:


Wahoo!!! Waita go @TGW!!! And that is a funny way you presented it, and i loved that you used the old Willy Wonka with Gene Wilder in it. Congratulations!!!


Thank you, thank you!

I like Johnny Depp as an actor, but I don’t really like it when people remake classics that were already perfect in their original form.


Totally agree on that, back in the old days they did not have CGI, but they had GREAT actors (nothing against Depp, I think he is one of the best out there) and lots of CREATIVITY.

Today most directors think spectacular = better (of course there are great exceptions).

PS. Actually that is one of the reasons I love E&P so much, it’s a simple, casual game, with superb artwork, interesting mechanics and a great social aspect. They don’t rely on ultra fancy ridiculously complex animations like other games I uninstalled with less than 10 hours of play time.

Oh, and congrats on your Malosi…!!!


Thank you!

To me, every time I see them remaking a classic, I think, “wow, you guys literally have zero original ideas at all, huh?” That’s pretty sad.

I mean, I could write a completely original screenplay.
Not saying it would be good, most people would probably hate it. At best, it could become one of those “so bad that it’s actually good” cult classics.

Which come to think of it, wouldn’t be the worst use of my time… :thinking:


There’s a script in the making right over here …

Oh and great pull for Malosi. He will certainly help with all the tellytubbies.


That certainly is quite a script. I’m available in case anyone needs an amateur actor to play the role of @TGW. I think I could pull it off fairly well.

Great pull indeed.
But to add to the craziness? My girlfriend just pulled one herself from the costume chamber. So it’s possible that they’re handing that guy out like candy. :grin:

No matter, I’ll still enjoy directing him to smash stuff. Even if it’s mostly just other Malosis.


Bit of a stretch there isn’t it?

Now I can’t wait to do my costume pulls later :smiley: Malosi would be great to have.

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Well, only a little bit. Story portrays him as an older, gruff, ruggedly handsome rogue.

Only part I’m missing is the ruggedly handsome part, but I’ve heard they can do wonders with CGI these days.

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There is no Johnny Depp version. There is only Gene Wilder. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

Congrats on the awesome pull, @TGW. Happy for a fellow F2Per. I just burned all my darts on Vivica and all my gems and other summoning materials (unsuccessfully) chasing Telluria, so I’m going to pass on using my keys this month for Malosi… but your story made me think about it for a bit.


I’m with you. The Depp version was kind of creepy.

Also, IMO there was no Matrix 2 or 3, it ended after the first one.
Tron: Legacy was produced by millennials for the sole purpose of trolling boomers and Gen-Xers.
And George Lucas probably suffered a major brain injury sometime in the early 1990s, so everything he produced after that is non-canon.

Thank you! He wasn’t my first choice for a HotM, but not my last either, and I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. :smile:


Haven’t liked Depp in much of anything except Edward Scissorhands. Unpopular take of the day: I didn’t care for the Pirates of the Carribean series.

I never saw the sequels, but I heard they were bad.

Kinda how I felt about pulling Ranvir. I hope you get more use out of Malosi than I have out of centaur-man, who is still at 2^60 and probably behind Leonidas for my next set of darts.

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Aww, I liked Pirates. But then, I usually like all things piratey. Different strokes. :man_shrugging:

Yeah, they were bad. I loved the concept of the original story. Even though yes technically it would be hugely inefficient for artificially intelligent robots to use living humans as batteries… still liked the concept of people being unknowingly plugged into virtual reality simulations. The sequels just made me wish that Neo had taken the blue pill.

Ranvir I kind of saw as a 5* version of Wu. I did want him for titans, but later on I got Miki instead (even better).

Crazy that I just pulled Malosi today… I have enough darts for only one yellow, and my Leonidas is currently at 3/69. One day later and it would have been too late.

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YAY I have Malosi too :+1: :clap: :clap: :laughing: :rofl:

They must have made a huge overrun of him. My first HOTM in 21 months.

Aand I even got Chef BT and Space Ace Tibs.


Haha CONGRATS! :partying_face:

I think their servers must be broken. That or maybe Petri is just in a generous mood today.


LOL too busy eating all that cake to keep hitting the reject button.

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