And the telescopes go to

  • Richard C
  • Fenrir
  • Thorne
  • Rumpelstilskin
  • Wait for better hero

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For my blue team. I have Vela, Magni and Glenda maxed. 4* are Kiril C, Boril C, Sonya C, Grimm and Jott.

Who would get most blems?

Who is your normal tank?

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  1. Do u plan to emblem any of them?
  2. Who are other blues u got maxed?
  3. Which color is your war tanks?
  4. Do u plan summoning in April? April’s hero of the month is a huge quality Ice hero I’d max over any of those.
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I was leaning towards richard C since I’m a big fan of costume bonuses and all and I have over 700 paladin emblems lying around. Also he would be a perfect tank coz my alliance have ice tank and now I’m using Vela on that position.

Richard. I have Garnet on tank now. Rest of my def - Lianna, Vela, Quintus C and Posidon.

Oh I would give Rich a shot in that case but I’d still consider Frosth (April HOTM).


I voted for wait for someone else. And if I would to cast a second vote, it would be Thorne, but only if you managed to pull the costume. His costume is really good, basically turns him into a lianna tiered sniper in mid battle.

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