...And that's what AW is all about!

You came up HUGE against Panda. I honestly went to sleep last night having given up. This was all around an extremely weird war. But it gave us our first last flag finish.

Kudos to you guys. Not only are you now on par with us, but the way you are trending you probably will surpass us

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Evening all,

Civil and on topic, please :wink:




Sure. Point taken. Probably should have done that. Though I won’t be too hard on us for not starting a thread celebrating us losing. Is there is a CP post and we didn’t post there, then yeah, that’s not good from us. I don’t think there is a CP thread either.

Regarding this post, it isn’t meant to be a victory celebration. It’s a post about how wars should be about last flag wins or losses, not blowouts.

Lol, chill guys.

Nice way to win an AW even though I prefer it to be settled before, my anxiety crysis is something that doesn’t handle sudden changes very well.

Maybe CP was mentioned in the original thread because you gotta give credit where credit is due. Crystal Palace is the only alliance in the entire game who managed to win a war against Departed AND make @Xero786 pee his pants in this one… I persobally think it would’ve been worse if they didn’t mention them, because that way they wouldn’t have gotten the respect they deserve!


Folks, the thread is about celebrating close, hard fought wars.

Keep the conflict on the battlefield. Thanks :blush:


I just wasted my time explaining why their wars began to get more close results…

Yikes, that sounds super stressful. An amazing war I’m sure, but stressful none the less. I know I would’ve hated being that last person, having my whole alliance and that win be dependent on solely me to score enough points, it might’ve been enough for me to choke lol. Too much anxiety, so huge kudos to the person who pulled it off, that’s awesome.


Hey guys, it was a good war and was glad to be a part of it. I really don’t think this post was meant as a put down. If you could’ve read our chat the last 30 minutes of this war you would know the energy that was flowing in our alliance and also in 7DDs. This nail biter came down to the very last hit and to see that in a war is very exciting.


Hi guys. As Jonah has said a few times, let’s keep it on Topic, respectful and constructive.

My hat’s off to BOTH 7DD and CP; we (MT) can’t hold a candle to either of them. :+1:


Grades are mostly checked with Zero, sometimes Panda gets involved and then I take a ton of feedback from the community and make adjustments. Would love to hear your perspective on things in the future if you’re interested.

For what it’s worth Yunnan and Aegir have the same tank grade.

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And I tell you that you put that degree to Aegir so that your rivals use it and benefit you, por that you know is harmful. I’m wrong? Use it, cheeky.

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Why on earth would he do something so asinine? Guin is an A+ tank. Aegir is an A. Why would anyone in their right mind take a step backwards?

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He never uses Gin. Put Fong, marjana, hell. Never Geneva.

This thread is not about Aegir or Anchor. That has its own thread.


I wonder if you guys streamed the last few minutes and the last hit; it would have been really nice to see it. It is possible to get even more down to the wire as we found out. We had one war in which we were ahead by fewer than 50 points, and the opponent had one flag. They started the hit with only a minute remaining, so that the battle extended past the deadline. The outcome wasn’t decided for a minute or two after that - we happened to win but it was heart stopping.

As far as 7DD, I realize that they have a target on their back, but the amount of abuse they take over their supposed intentions is ridiculous. Yes they market themselves as anyone does, but they contribute a lot more to the community than they take from it.


To topic, it was one very close war. I believe that it was anyone’s up until the last hit. The days of posting screenshots of huge deficits in war chats and saying “yawn” are a thing of the past. These wars are definitely nailbiters. I’m glad that we have become a worthy opponent to the best in game.
Congrats, I know I was going through the “what ifs” in my head after that one. I’m sure it would have been the same way if the outcome went the other way.



20 somethings

There’s a difference between celebrating a win and bragging about a win. Nothing in the OP mentioned how awesome and superior they were for winning or belittled the opposition. The OP was simply excited about an epic win that came down to the last minute. That’s probably the most satisfying type of win to a true competitor.


Exactly this - it was a close nail-biter down to the last 30 seconds. Super-fun, which was the point of my post. To rigs or whoever - do you really think that we think because we won by 1 hit/miss, that it wasn’t basically dead even? That in sports is called “whoever has the ball last wins” and while someone technically has to win, it’s pretty much a sign of being even-Steven and “any given sunday”…how you could possibly conflate me saying that “this is how AW should be - close and fun” into something negative is beyond me, but donkey jealousy behavior like that is why I don’t bother posting as much here anymore.

I also opened a thread when I won a raid with a single hero with one single lone hp left, but that was probably some sort of humble-brag too, right? :roll_eyes:

EDIT - and the word “rematch” sort of implies that we lost the previous one.


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