...And that's what AW is all about!

our rematch with Crystal Palace went all the way to the end, not decided except on the final hit with 35 seconds left!

That’s a good war!


Funny i didnt see a word posted on the forum about how you guys lost to CP last time, no congratulations or good war or anything. But immediately after a win, you guys hit the forum to brag lol. Nice sportsmanship. Glad CP can win with class


I just try to imagine that guy with that last attack.

No pressure at all :rooster:

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Even though it was the most frustrating war ever for me it was still a blast in the end. Good win in the end 7dd. Hopefully a lot more of these in the future between us. Just wish we could do it more often.


Rigs, I don’t know who you are, but that cracked me up for real high five


I’m pretty unkown lol but was just speakin my mind. Dont brag about a win if you cant congratulate a loss. Just bad sportsmanship on their part.

Everyone in Crystal Palace knows how much we appreciate the wars with them. We even have an ongoing alliance war chat between them and us. It may seem like it is cutthroat at the top but there is a lot of mutual respect between our alliances.


When they won I did go straight to PVP where the screenshots of our loss were posted and congratulated them.


So brag on the forum but congratulate in private? Lol enough said. What did crystal palace post on the forum when they won? They gave you guys your first loss which is a huge feat. But they did it queitly and respectfully. They didnt immediately hit the forum bragging about a win like you guys have on multiple occasions

If you can brag in public, congratulate in public. That simple.


Funny you respond to a post to defend your alliance’s smoke n mirrors reputation but havent responded at all to why aegir got an A grade in your rankings other than a video that failed horribly to answer anything.

So not that i care about your list, have never used it and all I’ve seen from it is what others have posted on the forum, but what makes aegir an A tank?

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Aegir is a good tank, not as good as Guin by any measure and not better than gravemaker. I’m pretty sure the grade reflects that.

A lot of people that have Guin maxed also have Aegir maxed and obviously they are gunna choose Guin over Aegir.

I did address this actually on the video and in the grade itself.

Cool thing about my videos/grades is people can agree or disagree, or even choose not to watch it, it’s just my opinion.


so when are we going to see 7DD tank with Aegir in AW? Can’t wait to see that.


When Aegir is better than Guin. There’s tons of A ranked tanks that none of my alliance uses as a tank.

That answers nothing and you know it lol. Quit dodging. What makes aegir a good tank? His special skill doesnt. Is it his stats? Because richard and thorne are both similar in those stats but neither are considered A tanks that I’m aware of.

What puts aegir above others? And why do i have a lot of raid videos suggesting he’s not a good tank? People dont even double up on greens vs aegir. Idk any other “A” tank that people can succesfully and consistently beat without at least doubling up on the strong color vs the tank.

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Funny how this is considered bragging. This was our closest ever war. Who won and who lost is besides the point. I was literally pissing my pants. We congratulated CP to them directly, in our alliance banner, in line groups, on Peer Support in the game. But we didn’t create a forum post so you jump down our throats. How lovely


I thought the grades were multiple opinions? Or are they just yours? Aegir in my opinion is a huge miss and yunan is more deserving. From my experience.


Didnt make a single post congratulating a loss. Maybe chalk it up as a learning experience and go on? Or just keep harping on it until you make it look worse than it already does

As you obviously know what you are talking about, you will show up if you show that you are doing it correctly. Do not believe it or you, be consistent and put it tank 24 hours, that you do not put Gin. You will not do it and I will not continue because they throw me out of the forum.


Please link me to our last post about any win in any war. This one doesn’t even say we won…

This will not going to end well i guess…

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