And Poision Darts Goes to - Leonidas or Justice

Or what you could possibly do is try your luck at the upcoming Sand Empire for Rana or Rocc (new hero). But keep in mind. don’t chase heroes :blush: If nothing comes out of Sand Empire then Leo! And i’m sure there will be a costume for him in the horizon too!


Of those 2, I’d recommend Leonidas. I have both, and maxed Leonidas without hesitation. He’s versatile and useful in different areas.

Justice is limited to rush attack events, and defense, unless you have a mana speed boost hero to put next to her.

I just got Joon, who was the last Yellow 5* one can get from TC20. I am convinced he will get darts ahead of Justice. My alliance does sometimes run Yellow tanks, but otherwise, I don’t care about defense, cups are meant to be lost and gained.

The idea of waiting out Sand Empire pull results is a good one.

Yeah, I’ve got both Joon and Justice fully trained

And just like a lot of the world, in my attack teams these days, there is no Justice

Joon is so much better

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I have Leonidas at 3/70 and use him regularly in war, I find him useful and don’t agree with the bad reputation he has here.

I plan to make some pulls in incoming Sand Empire event, if nothing comes out I’ll ascend him at some point, also because I have some spare Monk emblems I could give him.

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I maxed my Leonidas and have no regrets at all. He still does me a job and his heal from damage is surprisingly useful at times.

I’m not a fan of waiting for “something better” because in this game that can be never. My mate still hasn’t got a 5* green in over a year. It’s crazy really but he just can’t catch one. He has the mats to ascend 3 of them too…

So if your team needs some immediate punch you won’t regret Leonidas. If you are happy to sit and wait in the hope of getting lucky then hold fire


Pulled Joon today with an epic token… sorry Leo :man_shrugging:

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I pulled NORMS on last day of Valhalla along with Skadi.

Now i feel that Leo shd get darts.

Here’s a comparison for you.

I use Norns more…her stats are better for titans and her special is better for maps and events.

Leo is situationally better on raids



I may conclude now that I should give it to Leo.
But wait, I didnt know that I have Hu Tao. LOL but he is Slow Mana speed so I again reconsider Leo over Norms or Hu Tao or Justice.

Well in addition to my earlier suggestion (post above), you could also wait for Atlantis to try your luck at Drake (featured old HoTM) or Poseidon.

Alternatively, since you pulled Norns, she attacks 3 evenly while Leo only attacks one for the same speed. Furthermore, if you go 3/2 or 4/1/1 in raids,maps,events, she could help make opponent weak against the the colour you have brought. like what JonahTheBard has mentioned.

I think i vote for Norns now. :sweat_smile:

EDIT: also depends on what you’re lacking, are you looking for a sniper or an AOE.

Thanks for pointing abt Summons.

I have a few tokens for AR, lets see what I get.
I m also counting on my TC 20 for Joon. :grimacing:

I have to agree with folks regarding Norns. In the last couple weeks, I have run into teams with Norns on them. She is a game-changer. If you don’t take her out early, she can flip a battle against you!

With that said, I have Leo leveled and use him in certain situations, wars, raids when running a 3-2 or 4-1, events and tournaments. I have 4 copies of Justice still completely unlabeled. To be fair, I did not pull my first Justice until a month or 2 ago. Thus if I had pulled Justice prior to getting Joon or Leo, I may have done things differently.

I m levelling up Justice side by side though and find her buff of reducing accuracy quite useful. I use her at 1/45 on Map stages.

I thought her color-flipping effect didn’t work on defense. Has that changed?

what I read on gameplay when Norms fires, defensively weak against Fire, Ice (If Fired on Green Enemy or Boss.

Now, what does that mean? Is it Elemental Damage and or Special Damage?

My understanding was that it applied to tile damage. But slash attacks (i.e. attacks by a defensive hero in a raid) are considered non-elemental and are unaffected by Norns’ ability. At least, that was my understanding from the thread on Norns.

Many folks there are lamenting that she is an offense-only hero.

I have faced Norns 3x. It really comes down to which heros she hits. She basically renders those heros useless. Thus, I have to focus taking her out with my other heros and hope to recover enough to finish the battle.

How so? If she’s on defense, what is her effect on the heroes she hits? My understanding is that she only does damage in that case.

Her initial hit was immediately followed by a 2nd hit from an adjacent enemy. The combo was almost fatal.

OK, so you’re just saying she hits pretty hard in defense? That’s fair, and encouraging. With limited sorcerer options, it would be pretty easy to augment that attack further with emblems and make it even more dangerous.

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