And now for something completely different


Far too many post slagging off some aspect or the other… how 'bout a change.

It occurred to me that I am truly and deeply impressed with the forum software used on this site. Is it in-house developed by SG, or is it a third party product? Whatever it is, it’s among the top in the game forum experiences I’ve had.

Grats to the team on that.

(P.S. The game is really classy too (even if I do have various issues with it - but you’ll have to read other posts to find out about those). The fact that I’m still playing it is all to its credit. :wink:)


If you look at the page source, you’ll see it’s powered by DIscourse


Thanks @marlenus

As someone who works in IT I must say it’s an epic failure on my side to not think to look at the page source. :slight_smile:

Good choice by SG then. It gives a classy front to the community in keeping with the game.