And I'm back

Took a step back from the forum a few months back for a handful of reason but I am happy to be back.

A few things that have happened since I was gone:

  1. I was always the first to jump on the train against forum members complaining about SG.
    -While I still think that most of the complaining is nonsense, I had my first experience with SG customer service and it was a joke. I was shocked at how bad the interaction went so I will be laying off those that come here to vent. Probably.
    -FWIW, I have run the customer-facing sides of several startup orgs post-funding. It’s hard work. But a monkey with a handbook could do a better job than what I saw.

  2. Because of said customer service debacle, I have joined the FTP army.
    -But I won’t ever really count as a member of that tribe since I already have more 5*s than I will ever be able to ascend.
    -I have enjoyed my summons and gameplay more since being FTP though. when I pulled Vela off an EHT, I was actually shocked and happy. not frustrated that she came at the end of a 40 pull string.

  3. Helios continues to be a fantastic Alliance and we have had lots of fun growing.
    -We are making a top 100 run and would love to have you if you are good people

  4. I’m sure my regular status is long going and I don’t really care.

Anyway, happy to be back with yall…now what did I miss?

Also, My apologies @Rook and @JonahTheBard. I jumped off all game-related media right as our war got started and never participated in our war room! I had a blast in our war and I hope we meet again!


Welcome back! :slight_smile:

Costumes were released since you left, and they’re now getting re-released with improvements (you now summon the hero and costume, being met with mixed feelings).



Thanks! I didn’t stop playing so I saw the costumes come and go.

I was more talking about forum craziness lol


That’s such a shame, my one and only interaction with support was five star, I wonder why they’re so inconsistent?

Mate, don’t worry about it, @PeachyKeen and @rook got into a freestyle hip-hop battle and the level of swears was frankly appalling.


Welcome back! As for forum craziness you missed the Jean-Francois thread.
It’s…unprecedented :laughing:


oooohhhhh…and im off to do some reading


Thanks, @JonahTheBard.

Yeah, it really was a sad moment. I was hoping that it would turn around as we spoke, but it really just went nowhere. Is what it is. Sg still has a great product and platform. I just can’t say that I will be supporting the game, in the same way, moving forward, which again, is a bummer.


Good. Glad you’re back. It’s a better forum when you’re active.

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Welcome back!

One thing worth noting: #general-discussion has become essentially entirely for venting and complaints. Everything else is moved to #gameplay-help-tactics or #community-content. (We’re also discussing some Category additions/tweaks with the Small Giant Staff.)

So avoiding General Discussion cuts down on the temptation to read and respond to venting, if you want to stay away from that.

I wonder if the outsourcing is part of the issue. :thinking:


Good to know Zeph! thanks for the heads up.

I don’t know what the issue was. But a tabard from my loot wasn’t ever delivered into my mats. I had screenshots showing the titan and morlovia tabards being won (like I do with all 4* AMs), they said it didn’t track into their logs. And that was that. Tabards have always been hard for me to find (vs. scopes and tonics that come to me like bees to honey) so missing one that I won was a hard pill to swallow.


That would be infuriating, I can understand why you were frustrated with that interaction.


Yup. but it’s a game. So I’m still here. Just adjusting my interactions… like an adult lol.

Good to be back though!


Welcome back @Cvs! Can’t wait to fight Helios again…it’s anyone’s battle. :wink::+1:


Welcome back, CVS!

20 welcome backs


Welcome back @Cvs. :slight_smile:


…Wait…what does that mean…to act like an adult?

Also what you missed is that I’m the best player in the game (link below):


Welcome back CVS! :revolving_hearts:


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