...AND FREEDOM RAINS is Recruiting

Hi there, we are 24 at the moment and fighting 8* titans. We’re looking for new recruits that want to grow whit us.
Come check us out: …AND FREEDOM RAINS!

Our requirements:

  • 1000 cups
  • if opt in for war must use all flags, otherwise opt out.
  • we’d appreciate if you try to use all titan flags always (we don’t like to waste on the titan!).

We enjoy the game and we are pretty active (not crazy active), so come and grow with us!

Hi there, just an update, we’re going for 9* RARE at the moment, so came and have fun with us!

Quick update, we even got a stronger 9*, come and have a bite at it!

We also welcome small groups/alliances to join us for better achievements!

New alliance war is coming up! Want to get the next war win? All in!

@zephyr1 @Garanwyn when you get a minute would you close this thread, please? Thank you!


Closed per request of OP

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