And after..?

And after…? I’m stuck, my game is blocked. All my buildings are at max (lvl 20), my barracks lvl 10 (max). I search the provinces from top to bottom without being able to find the necessary ingredients to make tornadoes or stops of time. I can not empty my watchtower anymore. So I endured raids on raids, relentlessly … So my question is: does SG have something planned for the future or is it over …? After all the trouble we have to climb our buildings, are we all in the max when we can only look at this precious iron rust? Tell me, please, that something good will happen soon, before I close this game in which I invested so much …


For what concern gameplay and heroes: yes, there’s really something new coming up for the next year. Definetely something that may shake your boredom (or another thing to be frustrated just like AM, we will see)

For what concern buildings and the fortress in general: nope, nothing new in beta, and it seems this won’t change anytime soon.

I don’t know if it’s good or bad news for you.


why focus on th buildings? the buildings are just there to get you heroes/leveling and battle items.

if you need higher level battle items, i primarily farm 6-8 and season 2 1-9 and despite using tornados on all titans, i still have 300+ nuggets. try those areas for a week.


I did not focus on anything in particular, but after 18 months of play, it seems logical and normal to have all my buildings to the max … I did not force anything, it came because it had to come … And for the regions of ingredients research, I assure you that I do everything I need … I am rather optimistic in general but I must admit that my findings in the provinces destabilize me often…

So, I will just say that there is a loophole here. Because the production of iron is there and there and it must be found useful in the long term, absolutely. There is something to do with the ham that is used for many things, we must find to spend this iron too.

I totally agree and i even say it’s the time to give long time players something else to work on.

I guess many other players share our feelings, but i’m afraid this is a onesided decision.

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i too am stuck as well. all buildings MAXED. too much food and iron. strong items take too much items especially OIL and CRUDE IRON.

Ideas would be:
foraging team buildings
troop TC
and other ideas of buildings to keep a constant flow of food and iron flowing and being used.

Here are the easy places to farm:

(Note some are 5-8, some are 6-8). Of course these materials can be found elsewhere, but if you can’t find any, try here. Happy hunting!


There is work being done to expand the land around the keep and new buildings, but it is a ways out.


I must have very bad RNG/ LUCK LMAO
jumps off cliff*

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hugs Resol

shares inventory :wink:


As long as it succeeds … SG will have to deal with a lot of expectations like mine.

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I usually do a run; all 36 energy at once in one location and see what I get.

Lately I’ve been doing runs on S2 and also getting material. Sometimes the same location day in day out gets booooring. :wink:

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I do 45 énergies :pensive: ■■■

So you are only missing the Orichalcum Nugget and Dragon Bones?

Understand that this is not a complaint for a complaint … I love this game especially since I am leader of an alliance … This impasse, you will meet it all at some point because the devs have not thought enough about the use of iron …

And just for knowing, i’m not a beginner :wink:

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I don’t know, it seems that the miners and farmers do their job diligently, but why not (and I know this should’ve been a suggestion in the suggestions and ideas)…. Whenever you collect from the Farms / Mines that you get a chance to get some Oil from the Farms (for making the ham, which could be oily), and get some Crude Iron from the Iron Mines (come on, you mean to tell me that they already refined the iron into bars for use, but couldn’t find any crude ones?)

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I’ll do a run of 5-8:

  1. 2 herb, 3 oil, 1 crude iron, 1 rugged clothes, 1 “backpack”, 1 leather armor
  2. 1 oil, 1 firestone, 1 clean cloth, 2 herb, 1 backpack, 1 training manual
  3. 1 large bone, 1 leather strip, 2 herb, 1 Firestone, 1 oil, 1 training manual, 2 backpack, 1 leather armor
  4. 1 cloth, 1 crystal shard, 1 leather strip, 2 herb, 1 training manual, 2 leather armor, 1 strong rope
  5. 1 crypt mushroom, 1 crystal shard, 1 orichalcum nugget, 1 large bone, 1 wooden shield, 2 rugged shields, 1 training manual
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