Ancient Treasures!

Anyone else seeing this offer?

No one’s seen this? Strange.

What are Scabbards and Battle Manuals doing in there😂 I wouldn‘t spend 1/100 of one Cent for those^^

I do not see this offer.

They are getting stingy with epic hero tokens apparently. The daily summon ones are crap. I will only take them for free…

Great question lol. Guess it’s added fodder to the 4* mats and 12500 gems

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Wow a good one not on my screen buhh😁

Ye I see. So it looks moooore. But seriously even common herbs are more usefull than this items :joy::joy:

makes it look like you get tons of stuff

and 20 turtle banners really??? I get those in MV everyday along with 3 gems haha…

I don’t think it is meeeh.

(At least… in euro’s 10.000 gems cost 110). If it would be this prize in euro’s the diamonds are cheap and you get lots of materials going with it. :smiley:

I might consider it if i got the offer :slight_smile:

That‘s the marketing gag. Making gems so ridicilously overprized in the shop that customers think spending 100$ on some pixels is a great deal. It‘s just brilliant how good this is working. And I hope many buy it and keep the game going for a long time;)


This offer is a once-per-account thing. If you are serious about playing and willing to pay, it’s a great way to boost your account. If this is above your budget, pass.

I asked when I saw a similar one myself, and got similar answers that this kind of offer doesn’t pop up for everybody at the same time, for sure. And that it may only happen once.

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