Ancient Treasures Offer

I saw that there’s another special offer (Ancient Treasures offer) in addition to the thunder unicorn special but I do not have it. Is it just for some people? If so, why? :thinking:

Yea, I got both on the same day but went for the Unicorn offer instead. Mats were better suited to my needs, and the epic tokens are much better than the normal tokens. Actually got my first 4* green troop too so I take it as cash well spent.

Now to just wait for Atlantis and try for Tarlak…

Is that USD?

I got this offer back in June

Probably Singapore Dollar or Aussie Dollar

The package is still USD99.99 if I convert my home currency

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It’s not mine - just a screenshot from a group I’m in so I’m not sure of the currency. I wish I had it, though!

@KLinMayhem Mmmmm… You’re not from Kuala Lumpur are you?

@JMarcus Nah, I’m in California.

K… Just that KL is what we use for our capital city here in Malaysia :smile:

O, and I’m adding a video of me against JMach :wink:

Aussie dollar would be $159.99

Could be New Zealand or Singapore

That’s cool. I was mostly wanting to find out if everyone had this offer (or will be getting this offer) or if only some people got it. I don’t have it but would like to have it.

I only saw the Unicorn offer, not this one. I’m in Australia

haha. KLin is the first letter of my first name and first 3 letters of my last name. :smiley:

Looks like Canadian currency. It’s $140 for me whenever these deals come up.

If it is the same offer that I and others have seen $100 USD), then it does appear individually. Best guess is that it appears sorta randomly, possibly after playing a certain amount of time, more likely after spending a certain amount of money.

This is a theory. I played a game that regularly spit out $300 packs. Those were not made available on iOS and only google. If that price is higher than $100, it may be limited to google. Just a theory - can easily be proven wrong.

I did not see it and I have an iPhone.

Some offers are targeted on specific players no matter where you live. (i guess due your specific purchase history)

So two players can both live in France, but only one get that offer.

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