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Hello! I’ve got some issues with the last titan encountered (a red 6* Ancient tiger), a titan which (from his description) reflect “100% of all direct damage and status effects from the SAME element”; the problem was that, despise the fact i used an entire team of blue heroes (Miki, Thorne, Grimm, Frida and Kiril), the titan reflected attacks as they were red heroes, not blue. That happened at my last 2 attacks against titan (15 minutes ago, and also 3h ago)
I want to mention that previous attacks against the same titan (who took place 14h, 11h and 7h ago) worked fine, without any problem.
Sadly, i don’t have print screens with the bug :frowning:
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9:35 PM EEST

The tiger special skill has perfect riposte like Boril. When it is up damage from ALL heroes is reflected. You need dispeller or use timestop at right time :wink:
Good luck!


Yer, most likely he had riposte activated


Yup, not a bug. Its special includes 60% counter attack.

I always timestop this jerkface.


Our alliance has been going from 7* - 8*, and finally managed to kill a few 9*.

Up till about 2 weeks ago, the Ancient Tiger was the only titan we have encountered thus far since being able to encounter Rare Titans (5* and above), in which we have not managed to kill one of. The Riposte from the Tiger is the main reason why it is so nasty to deal with. Caedmon/Sonya has to eat the damage first before the dispel could happen as they don’t have alternative targets to hit. Melendor/Sabina are ideal and they can do so without having to take a hit. A major dilemma here is if you bring Wu Kong to try to up your damage, depending on the timing of his special, he can cause your dispel to miss, meaning having to deal with the Riposte either by ghosting tiles around it or hopefully sending up missing color tiles that don’t cause damage (but unfortunately still charges up its mana for it to rinse and repeat all over again).

Timestops are expensive to craft, and depending on the member strength of the alliance, not everyone can afford (or at least not up to crafting them in their Forges) to dish them out on a regular basis.

However, Mana control is definitely key on this one, and we were really glad (well, I was really glad) to get our 8* version 2 weeks ago.

Sigh… I really wish there is a Alliance Titan Bestiary to record your alliance’s Titan kills.


Bring Miki and shut that Tiger up!!!

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