Ancient Tiger - How best to beat it?

I searched the forum and didn’t see any precise tactic listed for combating the rare titan “Ancient Tiger” and, as it is my least favorite, I am asking for teams you use and how to best combat it.

I took in: Melandor, Magni, Grimm, Kiril, Wu, plus mana pots, arrows, axes and Turtles.

I didn’t do horrible, considering it was a 10*, but I want to be better at fighting it should I see it again.


I use Sabina rather than Melendor. Other than that, liberal use of timestops! Try not to let him fire his special at all, and fire off Sabina if he does. :grinning:

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Do you have Sonya ? You will need at most 2 dispellers, this one is quick.
I dont think Melendor will be enough
Do you have Kiril ? He will also he useful


That’s why I brought Melandor. I actually don’t have Sabina at 4t, so that’s why Melandor (though he was green).

And timestops… ugh… when the tiger showed up I was out and no materials. got 1 or 2 done.

I do not have sonya at 4t. The reason I wouldn’t bring her is because she dies instantly if she uses her debuff due to the counterattack.

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Yes thats right, another advice, do you have some Time Stop items ? this prevent him to fire this special and attack. @DJQuixo

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I could get two sabina to 3/60 for the purposes. one is 2/50 and the other is 1/1.

Id say to bring Sonya and revive scrolls instead of the turtle banners.


Yes, you’ll want to have a max Sabina one day for sure.

And you’re exactly right about using Sonya to dispel the tiger’s riposte! Takes way too much damage.


I hate using revive scrolls. without a healing potion or a charged-healer they’re useless. I don’t like thinking too much or managing my team too much when those precious seconds tick off the clock. Feels like healer debuffers are the way to go.

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Actually, debuffer not 100% effective because they can miss thanks to wu. Timestops is the way to go.

I just fought a 7* tiger yesterday and used Kiril, Grimm, Richard, Sonya, and Wu Kong. Sonya does indeed take a lot of damage when dispelling, but it wasn’t an instant kill when at full health & brought healing potions to counter that.


Since there is no item that removes and enemy buff, all the advice above is good.


Maybe level Ameonna if you have her.


There is a rumored classes update coming that might have something to help with enemy reflect damage buffs.


I’m pulling this one up from the dead because it seems like it could still be relevant.

What is your strategy for going up against this titan? We now have items from the Hunters Lodge at our disposal, too.


Ancient Tiger also reduces mana by 10% for five turns for its target and nearby enemies. As precious as mana is in this battle, it’s not totally off-kilter to bring minor antidotes to undo Ancient Tiger’s status ailments on mana generation.

Personally I run this team:

Essentially it follows the typical formula for setting a Titan Team:
1x Attack Buffer = Miki
1x Defence Down = Grimm
1x Elemental Defence Down = Arthur
2x High Tile Damage Dealers = Ariel & Alice

Bonus is that both Arthur & Alice do attack down

The Items used are also pretty generic:
Mini Mana Pots (for top-ups)
Axes (for emergency attack down/ near the start of the battle attack down)
Tornado (for when I’m stuck/ my blues are spread all over the place - 1 per titan MAX)
Caltrops… Used to dispell the Titans Reflect.

By taking the Caltrops, it has allowed me to not need my un-levelled Frida. I used to take a 3-70 Frida to these titans to dispell the Riposte but no more thanks to the caltrops. As a result, it allows me to take more attacking power in.

The axes are often swapped out for a Bear Banner to boost the attack damage even more!

personally I just mana pot up Sonya when necessary, and don’t fire her when her mana is full and the tiger didn’t use his special.

The counterattack is tricky with stacking and compounding. My attack buffer is Ranvir, which can throw off my dispeller-more problems. Finally, my hunters lodge is only level 1, creating another problem.
With my set up, it seems like it’s all about luck-12k this attack, 60k the next. I’d like to eliminate some of that luck factor.

I’m only fighting ~6-7 star tigers, but recently they’ve been my favorite victims. haven’t had a hit less than 60k the past few times I’ve met them, mostly around 80-110k.

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