Ancient tiger counterattack?

I noticed that when attacking the ancient tiger with a special the hero dies instantly. How is this posssible? It should counterattack with 60% damage.

I use this team: Sonya (dispeller), Magni, Kiril, Grim and Wu.
When the tiger uses its special and I use Sonya to dispell. She dies instantly even at almost full health.

Its even worse than that. When I match 4 blue tiles when the counterattack buff is active. The whole team except wu is killed instantly. Even when Magnis defense buff is active

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You probably have Wu special active, and Kiril special also, and with Grimm debuff. 4 blue tiles may do more than 2000 points, so the riposte, 60%, more than 1200…
Enough to kill everyone blue (Magni’s shield is not taken into account by riposte).

Same happens to me, after Sonya dispell failed because of Wu…


Yes, you should wait before using wu kong special until sonya has take care of riposte, otherwise you should just cross you fingers or use a timestop.

Giving up on sonya is ok, but that riposte should disappear no matter what.

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Yes I know.
My team was, from the left : Kiril, Grimm, Isarnia, Sonya, Wu Kong.
All were ready to fire, so i activate them from left to right, keeping Sonya for the good moment.
Then played one or two moves, an’d the Tiger triggered its special…
Sonya was ready (that’s why I kept the special), but Wu was still active…
I fired Sonya, and then activited a nice combo with a blue diamond and …
Wait !
Noooo !!
Sonia missed !
Cascade !
50 seconds left
27000 points
All heroes dead :smiley:

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Yeah, it happen to me too the very same thing :grin:

Some titans really push you to use high rated items to do a good score, even if you try to avoid it.
Take with you a timestop always just in case.

Yep, timestops are almost mandatory on higher-level rares. Sad but true.

The tiger in general is the hardest rare Titan, no matter the star on him

I honestly hate much more the unicorn, but i guess it depends on my own roster.

People with Zeline, Tarlak and wilbur probably has this kind of reaction:


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That is reason, why I usually take Sabina not Sonya to red tiger. Yeah, color isn’t so good, but at least she won’t die to that hit.:grinning:


You aren’t the only person with this difficulty. HATE the tiger.

Don’t use sonya. Use melandor or sabina.