Anchor’s Complete Guide to Hero Grades


I started playing this game finding the A hero of this guide

This is very usefull for everyone who want to find the best hero, but I think that there is some hero very overpowered for example if you compare guardian Owl with Guinevere, you will say that Owl is better tank than Guinevere because of stats but if you take a look to the guide Guinevere is A+ as tank and Owl is C as tank, same to stamina.

Please, could you review this guide?


You are right.
Owl probably is a D compared to Gwin.

The owl can have a mean hit, but unless you get very unlucky with the board or are extremely careless facing it in a raid, it’s too slow to be good for much.
On my list of holy levelling priorities Owl’s current usefulness puts him behind a second Bane who in turn is behind Hu Tao who I work on when I have no other holy heroes to level, while Guin is in third place due to her special overlapping the powers of one of my other 5* heroes and my game style. If I were more into raiding and alliance wars she would be second.
Owl is a great boss monster though. Pity it doesn’t translate into an effective hero.

@Elpis, I think I don’t explain well. Guinevere is better than Owl, but if you see the different analysis in the excel you can see something it seems wrong. For example if you take a look to DEFENSE TEAM columns you can see that it is compose by Speed, Effect , Stamina, Strength,Tank , Support and Overall because those are more important to analyze the hero as defender.

In Stamina should have a better calification the heroes with more effective stamina, in this case Owl has more shield and stamina, so why the calification is only C and Guinevere has A+. you can apply this to TANK too, Owl is better tank than Guinevere.


I know, just teasing you :wink:

Anchor guide is a really interesting and important reference for all the community, but it’s no more then a subjective ranking and not free from various mistakes and/or discrepancy.
If you look it more closely, you find many examples like yours, but we can’t blame them for that.
What’s really important is the overall rank of the hero.

In this case, even if the tanky stats don’t reflect the reality, the overall rank sure does.
Gwinevre is the best tank among yellow heroes (and probably of the game), while probably Owl is the worst.


:smile: I’m a real noob of this game :smile: Looking Owl stat I will say that is the best tank because of having more effective stamina that the rest of heroes, for that I always ask in forum when I get a new hero. I hope learn from your advices.


No problem.
Numbers and stats helps the hero in her/his innate role, but secondary skills and speed are more often then not crucial to determinate if he/her is good or not.

Another simply example is Thorne.
Amazing tank in numbers, but in reality ranked very low by the majority of people.

Guin heals herself and nearby, and she strips mana from opposing teams. When you consider these effects, she is much more effective than Owl on point.

As noted above, Anchor’s guide is subjective. It’s also not clear that all of it has been updated since the latest upgrades. Owl is definitely nastier now than when the guide first came out.

I just noticed all sand event and grimm even heroes (4 and 5) are added and are given a nomination.

AND (thanks very much for the loads of work) all 3 star heroes will be in the sheet too as i’m looking at the sheet :smiley: Nice to know what Hisan will get. Must be one of the best 3 stars :smiley:
Keep on the good work guys!

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