Anchor hero guide outdated?

@Anchor… ive had more discussions than i can imagine lately regarding defense teams. Ive gone through your ranking guide and i think it is possibly incomplete???

For old ep versions i feel it is solid. However since the introduction of AW there is an entirely new area to discuss. Your guide could use a new column if you dont mind the critique.

Heres where i get a lot of kick back and, as youve seen, a ton of unwanted criticism. Well, bring it on i suppose cuz here goes.

Lets look at the difference between war and raid defense. You already know where im headed but let me bring everyone else into my line of logic. Raids are one time one hit, in and out and done! War is so much more. We have a team to think about.

To that end we cant just go in and kill as many as possible to fill a raid chest, if that is your aim. We cant just select an opponent with 45 trophies and if the first battles board sucks hit them again and still come out trophies ahead. War is so much more. We have to hit them and do max damage while keeping our teams and weaker members/flags in mind.

Let me give one very good example. Alby! EVERYONE runs him far outside. In war between team powers of 60,000 to 130,000 i strongly disagree. Everyone goes in and keeps tiles off of him. Its not hard to do. You can usually knock him out easily enough. Here and there he launches and causes issues. However in war its a totally different mindset. If the boards go bad we run before healers launch. That way the next opponent has an easier go of it. Well for this case alby is not a good outside. Many people who arent zeros and anchors send tiles away from alby. So if alby is ran as a flank you set up the other side to completely color oppose all possible strikes (cuz tiles will fly that side) and go from there. My team has ran alby in war as flank many times, at my request, against 125,000 ish power teams. Alby as flank wreaks havoc. Now when i war’d with top 10 teams it doesnt matter where you place heros they all get killed.

Back to the 125,000 ish teams. Next you have to consider weaker flags. Usually past the 3rd flag. Lower teams its 1 maybe 2 strong flags. Again, alby as flank in this “latter flag” stage is another problem to solve as he takes specifice skill sets to address his threats. Now, you are going to sit there all day long and tell me im wrong about an alby flank. Go run him in a sub 130k ish team in war as flank. You will see the high number of flags he will burn off. He will burn high team first flags. Its a fact ive seen many many times. Point is that alby as a flank makes more points for a defense and the point of defense is now, where do you place people to maximize points. Your guide should have def rankings based on position that optimizes point loss for defense. Offense doesnt need a special aw category. Its the same for raid or war but def is TOTALLY different.

Now apply this thought of running from wars, punching holes to make easy kills with a weak team so other weak team can feed on the injured etc. then you have the picture of how war is sooo much more different than regular raid defense.

I will leave it at that. One example is sufficient. I feel my point is clear. Im simply wondering if you guys have thought of putting together charts for aw defense?

In addition what about rankings for the best flank tank combos? Especially for war? Im going to hit this war with a mitsuko tank and morgan flank. I have a method to my madness but would it be possible to get a guide to help with these areas?

Anchor, thanks in advance.

We discussed war defense grades and felt that it was very strongly connected to the grade for defense in general. Some heroes are a little different but for the most part pretty the same.

Idk your argument about Alby as he is still one of the most annoying wing hero you will find. He used to run wild and he will get his light about when people start playing more Inari on defense.

Our wars are very different than most of the community as usually we are facing the same 5 alliances and 90% of the time it is yellow tanks with mostly Guin.

It’s a big reason as i why I don’t touch a lot of midlevel or intermediate war strategies as they are vastly different than ours. Which also makes grading heroes in this section hard considering everyone has completely different strategies that would make certain heroes good or bad. I’ve left that up to the community to come to their own conclusions



I watched your last stream where you mentioned revisiting some of the older grades. I agree that some of the older ones might need to go down (Alby will probably stay the same)

But it can also go into Wars. Ares is a good example.

He was king for a while and at the time earned that A+, but not so much anymore. Especially on Raid defense.

However, in War it is a little different because there is no damage counter and the ability for multiple attacks.

Understandabley that it may be different for top guilds. Defense durability is less of an issue when your opponents have deep benches of fully leveled heroes that will mow down anything. In this case it’s best to use Raid defense tactics using comon raid defense tanks and support.

But for those not at the top, durability is going to be a little more important. If a good portion of your guild can’t field Guin, then a good tactic is to field Red tanks due to the general weakness and availability to blue heroes. This would make Ares arguably the best War tank as GM would typically have a lesser survival rate when it came to multiple attacks.

Thank you for your response @Anchor. My hats off to you. Im not sure why you remain in a top 10 alliance. That requires dedication. I just couldnt do it anymore. Wars were too boring. Im soooo sick of fighting guin. Shes not even fun to fight snymore. I like variety!!!

I am glad you understand my comments and was just hoping you might have a little help to throw towards the lower level teams.

Again, thank you for your response.

If you really want to get into the subtleties, there’s an argument to be made that the best war defense depends on which Enemy Aid is up. Still, overall, I agree with Anchor’s POV that general defense rating is a pretty good guide to both raids and wars.

What you’re really talking about, @Tpenn, isn’t so much a hero rating – you agree Alberich is great on defense – but the specific tactics for using him, which is a topic not covered in Anchor’s rating spreadsheet. I can’t think of any heroes that have a place in raid defense but not in war offense, or vice versa.

I agree with you @Kerridoc. Your spot on. I was just wondering if there was a little more guidance out there some where. I disagree with anchors alby rating. Hes horribly WRONG!!! I give him an F-!!! AT BEST!!

I never got alby, so maybe thats just jealousy speaking!! :joy:

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