Anchor has returned to E&P

Just wanted to give a shout out to my boy Anchor of 7DD on his return to the EMPIRE.

you have been missed man and it’s great to have one of the most influential members in the game back at the helm.


Anchor left, Anchor returned, Ucla left, Ucla returned and so will Zero.

Just don’t play it like a job, don’t spend all your bucks and don’t fear to waist some whatever energy and you’re well with the game. You don’t need every new hero to stay competitive.

Reserve some time for real life and enjoy it again.


Welcome back anchor, hope it’s long term and not just a random visit to say goodbye to zero!

He came on general chat to say his live stream was up…sounds like more than just a visit


Hope he’s back for good. He and his vids are what made me stay interested in the game through the mid-tier grinding


Anchor, killa, chef, that dad all streaming, that’s some great content for sure… Anyone got some 20lbs steaks to throw in dators direction!

Let’s get the party started


Will need to chip in some wine if you want me as his sidekick.

Welcome back Anchor. :slight_smile:


I’m sure Achor’s Cove has the finest boxed wine on this side of Atlantis…

Welcome back, Anchor :wink:


If it gets you back, I’m thinking a gofundme to get you shares in a vineyard should cover it! We miss you both!


Nice to have you back Anchor.
Don’t you dare leaved again…yay!

E&P is a game. Don’t fall for it…lol.

  • I stay in diamond arena with a bunch of 4 * simply because I keep watching Anchor’s video. Obviously, we all learn a lot from him.

I have wine and food! Wanna be my sidekick?!


This just in on E&P drama news: uclapack leaves dator for the chef :wink:

I didn’t know you were streaming? I’ll have to subscribe and check it out. :slight_smile:


Welcome back.

20 Happy Returns

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You wouldn’t leave Dator a
D that good BBQ he smokes all the time would you?

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Fair to say, the Guide was much appreciated back when it was needed. Was a great jumping off point to begin the thinking on heroes. It was appreciated and I couldn’t get my head around the effort involved with little recompense (actually, many of you here spend inordinate amounts of time and effort helping out the community, kudos to all of you)

Hope that you can at least cover your costs of playing and perhaps an extra penny or two towards the nappies!

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Welcome back anchor a greeting from Italian kisses

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Welcome back!! Finally some good news!


Good luck, hopefully a more cooled down pace now. But that means one place down in challenge events again for the rest of us :smile: maybe zinga did what Sg didn’t, give him some respect for putting half his life into our beloved game :wink:

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it would be pleasure to see you skills and hear your voice again, I miss you streams with Dator, pairing with @TheChef seems to be great idea, I like his footage

and Achor coming back, very good news

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Please come back to YouTube too. Your streams were awesome

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