Anchor and Mixed Nuts

Anyone know what happened to Anchor? He is not with Mixed Nuts Extra Spicy anymore.

He is in KOTN now… :slight_smile:

Thank you for the response Error404

Thought that guy always pumped 7DD… what happened there

Interesting. I never thought that people kept track of other players movements.

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The top 100, just about all movement is tracked

I get pm inquiries everytime i leave saders lol

Hmm I see. I bet everyone panicked when I left the top 100 last month then lolololol

Ah I never realized you left Saders. I’m assuming it’s to join another crew alliance since I have noticed that within other alliances.

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It was to visit a friend’s team for sh¡ts

I don’t keep track of everyone, just some i cant help but notice due to mentions and gossips in line groups

I was just taking a jab at you tube boy that’s all

Yeah I do notice but but not in the same way as the OP. I usually see familiar players at the top of leaderboards and notice if they have a new home but I never look at an alliance and realize there is a player missing.

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Do you ever look up at the moon in the night’s sky and wonder if someone else that used to be in your alliance is doing the same thing in the exact same moment?

We are all E & P stalkers :grin:

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