Anchor 7dd and Aegir

I have no secret agenda in grading any hero in a specific way. Certainly not to make people invest into heroes that are bad so we will do better.

I find it intriguing that “tank” is only on section of the grade and everyone is so hung up on that, when there are countless other “A Ranked” heroes and everyone loses their minds over a single section of the grade.

I also hope people understand that I don’t grade any hero without talking with Zero first and making sure we agree on things. I am constantly seeking feedback from my peers and the community and tons of times adjustments have been made to Heroes. Aegir was one of the first heroes that I graded that we were completely eye to eye on. I will say it was quite beneficial considering he himself had him at level 80 and also had extensive play tests with him in Beta.

I will also mention that I have about a 75% win ration on any and all Guin tank setups (not to mention I don’t ever bring my best team against her anymore as I work on alliance war teams during regular raids), so anyone comparing a few raids that you win against Aegir does no justice to give you a solid understanding of how good a hero is. Let’s face it, this game promotes strong offensive outings to obtain cups rather than retain defensive cups.

I have officially settled the fact that I’m never going to please all of the crowd. For every time I “under” grade a hero I get a bunch of people messaging me mad because they think it should be higher and vice verse if they feel I overgrade a hero. Nothing is written in stone on any of these heroes. It was a reason I was hesitate to make videos on them to begin with. Currently I still stand by the grade on Aegir and people need to realize that a ton of the people that have Aegir maxed also have Guin Maxed and there’s no real point to switch to Aegir.


What question exactly do you feel I haven’t answered?

@Uclapack I mentioned it before, if you’d like to work together. I’d love to hear your guys’ insights on things. More than happy to start a line group and get feedback from top players.

To anyone else.

I am considering starting a forum post as soon as a new hero is released that people can put their opinions from the start and I can hear feedback before making a video. I’ve tossed around the idea, I think ultimately it would help the Mods as their won’t be a million posts on one hero when it comes out and it allows me to interact with people or discuss things. And once the video is made I can post it in that one forum spot. I admittedly do not spend much time on the forums. I am constantly looking for ways to improve my content. In fact this last Zimkitha video was influenced by a ton of feedback on previous videos and I think I did a much better job breaking things down exactly as to why things got certain grades.


what makes aegir a good tank? From what I’ve seen his special skill doesnt and his stats aren’t much different than Thorne’s or Richards. Is it the special skill and people aren’t using it correctly? Is it the small difference between his stats and those other 2 blues? I’ve never said aegir should be as good as guin or better than grave, but what makes him stand out from the rest?

Are there just that many A’s or that little? I’ve watched over 3 dozen vids now and counting along with even doing some of my own, and have used him in my defense team(doesnt hold much weight as i have yet to max him) .

Idk squat about your ranking system and have made that clear. So honestly idc about the grade stuff. Just curious what makes him a good tank. So far you are one of the few I’ve seen say he’s a good tank(have debated with them as well) but just haven’t been convinced and like to hear grounds behind uncommon opinions.

And no I’m not watching youtube. If you don’t want to answer without making money, then that’s fine I’ll hear the answer from someone else I’m sure.

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You’re really telling me, Anchor, that you and Zero, who know a lot about this game, consider Aegir a good tank, a good defensive hero? There are dozens of tests that even it is detrimental to use it in defense, because it damages the flanks. Also, I would like you to answer, why, you, that you use multiple tank heroes, almost never Gin, you have never used Aegir but you give it a great valuation. Like I said, Zero did use it, half an hour and he quickly removed it and did not put it back. Are you really not aware that it is lousy? Could you try it for 48 hours and consider your valuation? Do not agree that, how hotm needs a remarkable improvement? Have you asked for people with as much weight as you?

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@Rduke77, Aegir is good on offense and titans but he is terrible on defense. He isn’t a good tank because when his special is in effect he usually ends up getting his flanks killed. I have Aegir and I wouldn’t max him because he just isn’t good enough.

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If your major concerned for watching the video is me potentially making 1/3 of a penny you can go ahead and turn ad blocker on and I will make 0 in revenue and you won’t see any ads. By doing that you will finally be informed as to why we (Zero and Myself) feel he is a good tank and the reason 263 people liked the video and only 22 disliked the video.

If you don’t like him as a tank, don’t use him as a tank or finish leveling him up.

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Feel free to fund my Guinevere fund when she comes along and I’d be happy to put her up as a tank.

Heck I’d also be willing to run Aegir as a tank when he shows up as an Atlantis pull on your dime. I’d love to give him scopes if I had him.

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Excuse me, I do not understand well, are you saying that you do not put it because you do not have it?

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Yes that is what he is saying Ber… I dont know why you think Anchor has Aegir.

Do you know what you are saying? Have you eaten it? There is a promotional video of him in which he sees a raid won, with Aegir and in the end he puts Anchor7dd, apart from titan attacks that coincide. It seems that my tin hat falls off.

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Anchor use aegir on his beta account. He said it on that video.

On his live account, he didn’t have aegir.

You’re getting funnier ber :rofl:


Good point. If aegir is awesome, he should have pulled aegir and maxed him. In the video aegir is flanked by awesome heroes that’s why it appears aegir is great when in fact his teammates are doing most of the work. It’s kinda he is being baby sitted.

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I’ve been reading this thread and am confused. I have Aegir at 3^50ish 10 Telescopes, maybe 15 capes and 10+ compass & gloves.

No other 5* blue heroes.
5 other maxed 5* heroes and maybe 3 others in the works

Should I max him or not?

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If you think that a maxed Aegir can’t stand at least in diamond i think you’re absolutely wrong and too much influenced by your own negative judgement about him. He is not so tanky as it suppose to be, but i don’t find him completely terrible and i even lost a couple of times if he is flanked by two fast heroes.
And if you are at 2400 cups or 2900 the rewards are the same, so that’s why having the best tank avalaible (aka Guinevre right now) it’s just for the glory.

No, i don’t think he is bad on attack, on reverse a triple stacking blue with him could be really effective especially in raids.
Less effective on titans because of the low attack, but giving up on some damage to survive more can be a viable option on 12* titans.

This game really means all attack. You using your cards only to attack something.
It is the only “active” part of the game. Defence means just place that card there and never use it.
That’s why i find more regrettable ascending Guinevre then Aegir. She really can’t be used anywhere else.

Or you even think that Guinevre is a better attacker then him?


Me too have Aegir. Because I am lucky.
Maybe Mr. Anchor not so lucky to have him.

I know how Aegir works.

Have a spirit link for sharing damage :rofl:

Thanks God for giving me Aegir…

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I also have Aegir maxing first Wilbur. Then maybe aegir when a fix is in place.

Where does it say he didn’t pull for him? Just because you try for a hero, doesn’t mean you get him… surely you are aware of that? Or are you of the opinion that Anchor can just pull any hero he wishes? :wink:


If anything has become clear in this thread, then the following: you have the hero, I expect you have used him… so decide for yourself, according to your roster…

Because, people should make their own decisions, instead of always looking for someone to make the decision for them.


I use @Anchor’s hero guide as a reference only, and tend to form my own opinions as to which heroes best suit my playstyle as well as which I would like to include or level on my roster. It has been helpful in some ways but at other times, I find my own judgment and use of a hero to be better than what was actually listed in the guide. Thus, there is only one thing I would like to add to this thread as well as to any other thread concerning the grading of HOTMs, Season Heroes, and any other heroes that might be released over the coming months/years.

With new heroes being released at such a rapid rate, it is difficult even for seasoned or beta players to actually finalise the full utility of a said hero. The permutations are crazily diverse, and to make matters worse, many players have now a large enough roster to stack single or double colours against any given tank, making even Guinevere a soft target in that role. We all settle into a certain playstyle after a while, and it is appropriate that seasoned and beta players will get comfortable with a certain setup that they use regularly. Mistakes can happen when evaluating the effectiveness or utility of a hero; in part, due to the lack of proper testing in relation with other heroes on the roster or, it may be due to the speed at which such an evaluation was made.

I do not have Aegir, and I never wanted the hero. But I do understand the frustration of many here who are concerned as to the A grade received by the hero. If the majority feel that Anchor is wrong in his evaluation, then maybe it is time for Anchor to reexamine Aegir, as well as for others to share their experiences in the use of the said hero.

Would it be too much to ask for videos of Aegir encounters if you’re really certain that the hero doesn’t fit into any of the A grade roles provided on the guide… And if you’re certain that it functions as intended, wouldn’t providing evidence of such a utility be better than ripping each other on a forum?

You have Aegir, and you might have levelled him, or not… Let’s work together and see where Aegir actually stands, and whether a request for Aegir to be buffed/revised should be forwarded to SG. And if Anchor was wrong with his overall evaluation, an apology and forgiveness is all it takes. It’s a game afterall…

TL;DR It’s a piece of ‘reference’, not gospel. Use it with caution.


I too am trying to decide between him and second alasie…she is great …sry dont have any opinion on Aegir

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