Anchor 7dd and Aegir

Sure, but a C is pretty terrible. Even some 4* that you wouldn’t use as tank are given Bs

Lol if you’re questioning the thought process behind Dante’s response, you should read some of his other posts. While some are very informative, some are just to get a reaction(guilty of it myslef so not bashing) lol. Was a sly way to advertise for anchor though.

Wow, a global B and a C defense. It’s my chance, CHANGE GENIUS A TOTAL FOR POOR B and C.

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Tag me in a zim thread and we’ll discuss her more. Haven’t been flagged today, first time since I’ve started using the forum again. Let’s continue to make it a good day.

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By the way, even OT, quite remote, once again from the opinion of users.

Yes you wouldn’t be happy with this because:

  1. teachers have an obligation to treat your test as objectively as possible
  2. answers on tests, for the purpose of your argument I am sure, are CLEAR and not in any way subjective.


  1. a poor test result is of potentially massive importance to an individual. Depending on exactly what test it is, potentially life altering. Like. Real life.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch …

Anchor takes his PERSONAL TIME to publish a guide based upon HIS SUBJECTIVE OPINION, based upon his SUBJECTIVE experiences with the heroes. Does he attempt to apply this experience as objectively as possible? I’m sure.

However, it’s still opinion and theory crafting versus black and white. The comparison is poor.

And lastly, let me add, that if you and your friend are TOO LAZY or UNMOTIVATED or BUSY to make your own guide, in a land where only one such well known guide exists, then you really don’t have room to complain.

Seriously. It’s a spreadsheet. I could spit out a spreadsheet in ten minutes.

You know what I absolutely CAN NOT DO?


Just can’t do it. Don’t have the time, talent, or willingness.

So. Thank you anchor for your guide. Thank you for your mostly spot on grades. They’re very useful to me.

And I think maybe with Aegir it’s a situation where “with the right setup he can be an A hero…” but most people don’t have “the right setup.” … perhaps your guide could try to account for that.

But again, subjective. Based upon experiences. So like everyone else said. Take it for what it is. A recommendation.

If you hate fish, and you go to a restaurant and the guide says “AMAZING SEA BASS!! A+!” And you order the sea bass and hate it because it’s fish, shame on you, and double shame if you blame the guide.

Same thing here. If a hero who is useful, maybe very useful situationally doesn’t appeal to you, and you take the guide to mean you need to get it and ignore that you don’t care for that type of hero, then shame on you. And double shame for blaming the guide.


Oh my god, you are still here talking about that?
I tell you two little secrets!

  • First: you don’t get nothing with cup ranking
  • Second: literally every central hero in the top chart get rekt in defence 5 out of 6 times, even Guinevre

What’s the point?
I saw a Rigard and a Kadilen in top 10 today. Not exactly your best choice in that position.
And i literally saw people get from first to out of the chart in mere seconds.

So only who has great troops and using probably blue flask can keep a little bit up there.

Your Aegir can be all you want and still you can be at the same spot as you are now.

You think you wasted scopes? I think people wasted materials on Guinevre as sooner or later she get replaced and she useless on everything else.

At least you can use Aegir for titans and raids if you want.

Just stop. It’s kinda boring now.

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Pre-war rankings are always weak with the massive cup dropping by the conglomerated alliances, so what you saw was illuaion.

I don’t think i understand what you said.
Cups are not involved in war.

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That is absolutely wrong. This game is about to prosper and a hero, when you do not have a superbank, gives qualitative leaps. I gave it at the beginning when I received Sabina, who took me to stable gold, then came jackal and Wu and they raised me to the low platinum, Wilbur arrived and he secured me in high and marjana platinum at the top, he makes me open chests in diamond. A good hero, if you know how to play, gives an important qualitative leap and more in defense, which is my Achilles heel, no, it would not be the same, and no, it is not the same to open chests in diamond than in platinum and I have already opened various. What if it is absurd is to find coherence in this community, when Zim came out, I said that I felt, without having it, a minor Hotm, of little damage and nothing to do with Zeline, to whom he compared himself and seemed more Kadilen. They threw themselves at my neck and told me that I had no idea of ​​the mechanics of the game, which was more or less ignorant. Today the Lord of the Guides has punished him much more than me, I am not even in agreement with the rating so low, worse than kadilen. They are silent, little more to add.

And there are not so many variations in the top. Of tank 80% use Gin or GVM, of the others, there are road creators like Uclapack, there are classics that like Magni or Richard or Arturo and there are those who vary. But when you are an influencer, you are advising people to use Aegir after Gin and GVM, because it is very good tank, but you use constant peculiarities and change every 2 days of hero, but ALWAYS avoid using your recommendation, always, has never used it, something does not smell good. By the way (and go ahead my maximum respect for one of the best in the world, if not the best), Zero, yes I saw him put Aegir tank once, but half an hour removed it. The tanks usually leave time, he retired quickly because he saw that it was not worth it?

Heads up guys. You get my insight a lot quicker if you tag me in the post. Didn’t even know this thread existed tbh.

I read through all of it and will address everything when I have time to put my thoughts in here. But I want to say thank you to EVERYONE. Even the ones greatly disagreeing with the hero and I have ideas to make the process better for the future.



The guide to a restaurant would have to review multiple dishes to be comparable.

ONE overall review being off when there are 75 or so reviews is what we are talking about. That’s why my analogy is correct and yours isn’t. Yours is pretending this is the only ranking anchor has ever done or is available.

Uhhhh, well. I find it VERrryyy interesting that you want to dictate to anchor how he should design HIS guide. LOL.

That aside. If you’re gonna use his guide, then you need to accept how it’s designed, and be aware of its limitations.

Clearly Anchor is of the opinion that there aren’t any BAD heroes, that they’re all AT LEAST average. This is his OPINION. if you don’t like it, that’s fine, don’t use the guide.

The critical difference. I’m not criticizing your efforts to create a time machine.

Are your efforts worthwhile? Who knows. Depends on a lot of factors.

Does the time machine kinda work, or even usually work? Then you’re a freakin genius and your time is well spent.

Does anchors guide mostly work, ARGUABLY with one or two exceptions? Some would say yes. Others may have a differing opinion, and have some problems recognizing that what they have is, in fact, an opinion.

It isn’t that big of a deal compared to the potential impact of say an SAT score. Comparing the two is ludicrous.

Likewise, if someone reads the guide, and utilizes it to make a decision without any consideration for the simple truth that it’s a collection of opinions and has limitations… that’s kinda on that person. Much unlike your evil cheating teacher thing.

Anywho, your arguments are full of fallacies. Your logic be broken.


I thought about tagging you but decided that endless speculation and argument was DEFINITELY more fun :)) curses to you showing up and providing a reasonable voice.

Grumble grumble :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok so the guy in the title of this thread has responded is this thread ready for closing now? @Rook @JonahTheBard

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Lol 3 people replying, that escalated quickly

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So, to summarize…is Aegir worth ascending for someone who doesn’t have Gravemaker or Guinevere? If those two didn’t exist would he be viable as a good tank? I do not have either of those, but do have Aegir. Is he good enough to use?

One word: no
Not even worth the cape.

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I have my answer prepared lol but curious to see other responses

As a tank I would say absolutely not. He does have some use on offense, but there are numerous blue 5*s that are more versatile.