Anchor 7dd and Aegir

Everyone says: ,The worst HOTM" ,Bad hero,I will never give him mats" but Anchor give Aegir Overall class A, why? Maybe its stupid question but I’ realy confused. (Sory for my englisch)Screenshot_2018-11-05-21-26-02

Wanna take this one? Lol

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Don’t be a sheep

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He is A not A+
Not an attacking hero and his tile damage is meh to me.
Meat shield lile Boss Wolf.
Let Anchor give him AAAA+ so what.
I am not Anchor… I don’t have 1k scopes to give Aegir 6 of them.

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I don’t have him, and I will never use mats for him but i was interested does anyone know.


It is obvious that in defense it is bad, that is what it was created for. As a tank is bad, a shield of flesh. The new ones, above all, follow that guide as a bible, it is irresponsible.


He even gives Isarnia a overall “B”, when i put her totally in “A” zone.

Anchor is a player.
Zero is a player.
Boarasaurus is a player.
Arien is a player.
They are incredible players but still… players.

All of them have their own preference and their own style, as long as a different deck (so different hero usage and different point of view)

Definetely use Anchor guide as reference as it is a great work made by great players, but not be too much influenced by it.

All that are opinions, and you can have your own opinion differ from it and still be happy with your choices.


I just wrote all that but you beat me!

Extra likes instead :heart:


I allow myself to disagree. He is not a normal player, he is a legend and, his guide, a reference for the new ones. I am in forums people asking if it is a good defense tank for its statistics and the answer is always the guide of Anchor, a prestige, it does not matter if the guide Parker, Michelin or Anchor carries a responsibility, it is not an opinion. And Anchor does not think it’s a good defense and a good tank, he never uses it in those positions and he looks like he uses displaced heroes.

Great words … I damm respect your opinion mate.
I salute you.

This … then:

Now pick your mind dude :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I do not know where you see the contradiction, the fact that people see it as a bible demands responsibility. The ad hominen does not fit’s a criticism, because you had noticed it

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Well until other players/alliances make a new guide anchors guide is what we get agree/disagree its a free guide made by players for players…i would like to see more guides and opinions as a comparison but yeah its alot of time and work lol

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Well, the fact that you not consider Anchor guide an opinion is… an opinion itself :wink:


Aegir is a beast of a tank. Maybe not top 100 material, but a great hero for the average player. You can easily stay in diamond tier with him as tank. Maybe it depends what your goals are. He’s not a great offensive hero so if you don’t already have a bunch of leveled blues you wouldn’t wouldn’t be excited to pull him.

As others have said, The guide is the opinion of Anchor.

However there are 2 main problems that I see with the guide. First being that the ratings are subjective (aka: a gut feeling), meaning that they are not based on any set of standards or metrics. A quick and good example of this is with title damage rating of Hel and Quintus. Hel is considered an "A" rating and Quintus is a "B", although the attack difference for Quintus (747) is 2 points higher than Hel (745).

Second is that Anchor himself has said on several occasions during his livestreams/youtube videos, that he doesn’t test the heroes in beta because he prefers to wait and look at them together with his Youtube audience. This is fine, but I do not see how someone can rate them, when they haven’t playtested the heroes themselves, but instead relying on the opinions of others.

I would advise you to look at the heroes for yourself and make your own decision whether the hero is going to be good for your team or not.


Also, the issue with Aegir is that he doesn’t have any “WOW” factor to him as a tank.

As @Kerridoc once stated in another thread:
Good tanks have a “oh **** the tank cast” moment that I just don’t find with Aegir. Guin sets you back on getting mana, so you can’t have Zeline ready to go to strip off all the buffs she casts. Gravemaker puts the burn on, Delilah throws up ranks upon ranks of those surprisingly tough guardians, Justice blinds pretty badly. Aegir just doesn’t do anything particularly scary. One cast from even a lowly Melendor or Sonya will unwind his entire cast (aside from the Elemental Link, which is a nice touch).


Every time this comes up, I scratch my head wondering if players ever look at anything but the letter grade. There is an explanation of how grades are assigned. It makes sense.

Anyone who wishes to take exception to any assigned grade can do so. Heck, everyone does. But, if you want to complain about it in this forum, pls, show the why. Put up the subsection you disagree with and show how the set parameter is not met. Then, show how this would affect the grade for offense, defense and titan and, finally, the overall grade.


The reason Hel gets an A rating and Quintus gets a B rating is because of mana speed and effect. Hel is just a much better hero. Nobody pulls quintus and goes yes that’s exactly what I wanted but Hel is highly sought after.

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I believe the reference is to the specific column called “tiles” under the titan category.

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