Analysis of Power Creep of Hero Stats - Long Read Warning

awesome! happy to link things together :slight_smile:

thanks to you and everyone else, who share their analyses and insights with the community!

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Agree that LB should probably not be factored in when looking at average power over time. It doesn’t cause power creep per se but I think it is further widening the gap between P2P (P2W?) and C2P/F2P. Look at the rewards in the current (terrible) Alliance Quest event. The top 100 alliances–which must be almost entirely P2P–get good aethers that help them further power up their already powerful heroes, while the rest might get some if they’re lucky. Not no mention they’ve had offers that let you flat out buy aethers.

@BlueHair love the analysis and interesting point about the distribution of the various star levels, particularly the relative explosion of 5* vs 4* heroes.

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I added costumes into my spreadsheet. Here’s how 3*/4*/5* heroes look since the beginning of the game when the regular hero is considered at its introduction date and the regular + costume bonus version and the costume are considered at the costume’s introduction date. (The regular + costume bonus is in addition to the regular with no bonus - it doesn’t replace).

In addition to adding costumes, I also added the ability to include/exclude regular heroes, costumes, and regular heroes with the full costume bonus, and filter to date ranges. I also added a timeline of game events (that also respects the start/end dates) to make it easier to match up what happened in what month.

Finally, I updated the link above. It should allow making a copy now but does require a google account.

If you don’t have a Google Account, you can see a read-only version here:


Thank you very much for your work, I think that it’s a very important tool to have a good overview of the heroes and their evolution and make different comparisons.

I did have one issue with the script when I tried to change the timeline for comparation. It asked me for access to my google account and then not sure why, could not use my laptop keyboard. I revoked the access, but it was a nuisance.

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Hmmm. Sorry about that. To help me narrow down a cause & maybe fix it, were you clicking in a date field, double clicking a date field to get the date popup, or using the reset button (which runs a script that does need to be authorized the first time, I think. I need to see if I can change it to just be formulas like everything else.)

I actually tried to type in the month and year, as clicking through the calendar popup was tedious. It worked in the end date field, but it did not work on the begin date field. And then I pressed the reset button.

I think it is better if you manage to just use formulas, also security wise.

What I was trying to do was to see the median for stats for the first year vs the last year. It is interesting to see how data shows us that the power creep is not abrupt, but still the gap between S1 (or free heroes as most call them) and latest heroes does increase quite a bit and thus stirs up arguments between people because unfortunately most of the time they don’ manage to stay just fact based debates.

And of course there is also the “creep” in the specials, which is more difficult to quantify and I know it was not the point of your analysis.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your work. Probably it will not solve the heated arguments, but it does help in fact focused debates :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing the spreadsheet! I’m having fun clicking around and looking at different stats, like most powerful class in 5* (Sorcerer) and most powerful color at various star levels (Purple at 5*, Blue at 4*, Purple at 3* by a hair). The power gap between a 3 and 4-stars is almost exactly 200 points, the gap between 4 and 5* is only about 120 points. Etc., etc.


This is great! So much data! Thanks @BlueHair

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